Donation Update 5 (pretty important, help out maybe?) by QuetzaDrake

Alright, well, this isn't really something I wanted to do but it's an actual request from my mom, so... I guess I'll openly ask for donation help again instead of what I said last time where I wouldn't really actively ask anymore.

So the guy fixing my mom's transmission finally got around to it a month and a half later, and the total price is apparently going to be $650, more than what was originally estimated (and also like 2 or 3 months after it should've been done). This is combined with the fact that we still don't have water due to the pipes bursting two weeks ago, that my mom's toes are still kinda on and off on being wounded and healing (the really bad second toe has mostly healed but has started getting some spots on top, the third toe is still kinda bad, and the fourth toe is actually starting to go kinda bad) and she still not having insurance, and our food stamp amount having been reduced by around $70 per month this year because my mom makes like $100 a month too much now or some kinda bullshit like that.

So this is a lot of bad stuff and it's stressful and blah blah blah. So I guess with all this I again will ask for support. The PitchIn page is -=HERE=-, if you can donate something to help, I'd really appreciate it. And I can't stress enough how much help everyone has been over the past few months, I'm both extremely happy about how many people could help me and my mom out in these rather bad times and also extremely embarrassed that I have to keep asking for the help. I really hope this is the final stretch with this, since now that dumb car's transmission will finally be repaired and I can then actually maybe find some place to work at so I can be somewhat financially comfortable and not panhandling all the time.

Again, thank you to everyone who's helped me out so far, and thank you in advance to anyone who helps out again or for the first time. You've helped in so many ways and I dunno if I can ever repay that except by saying thanks over and over. I hope things will go better soon with your help cause things have been shitty and getting shittier for a while.

Thanks again and sorry.

Donation Update 5 (pretty important, help out maybe?)


30 January 2014 at 15:05:10 MST

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