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Art Pack coming soon! by Zeta-Haru

First, thanks for the feeback in the google form <3, just one day after the post and I already got a clear idea of what I can do and what I should expect. You can still fill it, there is a lot of topics in there and I just decided what I should do about the art pack by now.

I spent the last hours gathering everything I could in a folder, I hope I didn't forget anything!
And I'm still going to add the next 2 or 3 artworks I finish, so the HD pics numbers increase just a bit

here's a pic of the folder properties:
(sorry it's in portuguese but numbers are the same, lol)

441 MB
575 Files
70 Folders

and here is a preview about the prices and how it's going to be:

Estimate prices

  • clean-only pack: $5 USD
  • clean-only + clean progress shots: $10 USD

Description: Clean-only art pack includes over 40 clean artworks, the last 8 of them with my new high resolution (around 2000x2000px.)

Progress shots shows some steps of the artwork from sketch to finished piece (around 4~12 shots each, and commissions that had adult versions may be missing some shots here.)

  • adult and clean pack: $10 USD
  • adult and clean + all progress shots: $17 USD

Description: Basically my whole gallery. Adult art pack with clean included, over 75 images, with the last 20 in high resolution (around 2000x2000px.)

The pack above plus the progress shots are the complete art pack, it shows all the progress shots of all the artworks that have it, probably over 200 images of artwork progress. Good for those interested on how I work.

  • complete pack: $20 USD

Description: Everything above, plus some scraps and sketches that were never posted, and a few extra and old files.

  • Notice: The pack may contain some humans, and the adult artwork is gay themed, and some of the clean images might not look as clean as they should~

  • if you were one of the 4 people that joined the pokemon project, you are already going to get the 3 pokemon high res images for free.

Tell me what you think of the way it's going to be, or the prices~ hmm.. just say something goddamn it 0w0

Art Pack coming soon!


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