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Valentine's Day Card Commissions CLOSED by quaggy

✧❤ Valentine's Day Card Commissions ❤✧

Valentine's Day card commissions are completely filled!

♡ Vday cards are an annual commission tradition of mine!
♡ They are the cheapest commission type that I offer.
♡ You will be emailed a high-res file for printing your card(s).
♡ ALL cards commissioned before February 12, 2014 will be finished by February 13, 2014. Cards commissioned on or after this date will be finished by February 20, 2014.
♡ Cards commissioned between February 12, 2014 and 5:00pm on February 14, 2014 may have a deadline of February 14, 2014 for an additional rush charge. The price of the card will be doubled. ($32 for 1 character, $42 for two.)
♡ You can request either a CUTESY or a CREEPY theme!
♡ Cards are $16 for one character or $21 for two.
♡ I am only offering fifteen (15) slots for these, so act fast!
♡ You may reserve/purchase more than one slot, if you like!


01. Nekrii - CREEPY//1 Char//PAID
02. farorenightclaw - CUTESY//1 Char//PAID
03. farorenightclaw - CREEPY//1 Char//PAID
04. rei - CUTESY//2 Char//PAID
05. galaxywalker - CREEPY//1 Char//PAID
06. foxjump - CREEPY//1 Char//PAID
07. redra - CREEPY//1 Char//PAID
08. chaihaii - CUTESY//2 Char//PAID
09. jadekitty - CUTESY//3 Char//PAID
10. ruskova - CREEPY//1 Char//PAID
11. bliz - CUTESY//2 Char//PAID
12. boogans - CREEPY//2 Char//PAID
13. rooibos - EITHER//2 Char//PAID
14. junia - CUTESY//1 Char//PAID
15. autumn - CUTESY//2 Char//PAID

To claim a slot, comment below with the following information:
♡ Card Type: (CUTESY or CREEPY)
♡ # of Characters: (1 or 2)
♡ Character Refs:
♡ Suggested Message: (Optional! I usually come up with the puns myself.)
♡ Email Address: (REQUIRED)

To reserve more than one slot, please fill out a new comment per slot.

Once you've commented claiming a slot, I'll send you a confirmation email
containing payment information and instructions. The email will be coming
from quaggyart AT gmail DOT com, so make sure it doesn't go to spam!
I currently only accept payment via Paypal.

Valentine's Day Card Commissions CLOSED


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