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Return by ChosenRemnants

Hey, guys; been awhile.
What's happened over here with everyone? It's been too long since we've seen you all.
Anyways, just wanted to say that we was Hella busy and still down and out in certain areas...
But U can Bet we are coming BACK tenfold when ready!
Right Now we're in the middle of that road; we have tons, TONS of stuff waiting to be looked and praised upon from U guys.
Just hold on a little longer and we'll break everything out to weasyl in full, till then 4ever stay burnin'! -CR-
And as a reminder...

Volunteer Project!!
Project1= Alt. Modern Day/Middle Aged Fantasy where one man alters the fates of five other tales/quests. (+18)

Project2= An Overworlded, Techno-Organic World where 4 characters decide the fate of the planet in this Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Adv. (+13)

Project3= A Action/Sci-Fi based on three main characters -Or More- Going against a Dr./Alien and a God. (+7)

Project4= A Modern day Action/Thriller where friends, families and groups are plotting against everyone in justifying their own ends in what they want. (+18)

Project5= An Aerial/Action (Shump) where one small fighter jet takes on all threats and the OmegaFaction in Land, Sea, Air, Space and Further Beyond in ridding the planet of their tyranny. (+7)

Project6= A Horror/Suspense/Thriller set in the 90's, as Figment/Imagination can kill you by letting you IN. (+18) would be most interested in in sharing your ideas/thoughts with us in Art/Writing.

Any insight, that are logical and legit; not too far out there -XD-, would be welcome in making these projects that much better and enjoyable.

Our Livestream connection is, you guessed it, ChosenRemnants. Head there if you wanna chat for our weekend special, Crakshotz, coming soon on ideas and more.

=Lemme know if they interest you and note us in stating your theories with them while we work out the stories/art further with our own.

=Think of this as brainstorming; you're not only doing this in helping us expand ideas, but in further enhancing your ideas towards making your projects better, too in Art, Story-Telling and the like.

Good Luck to all of you in this.
Laterz! -CR-



27 January 2014 at 12:16:28 MST

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