Get to know me! by AdventureCat

Thought this would be nice since everyone is doing this.


What's your real name?
Kenneth. You can call me KC or Kaycee!

How tall are you?

What's your natural hair color?

What's your eye color?
Dark brown heh.

What's your orientation?
I don't think I have a defined boundary but I like girls mostly.

Are you single, taken or undecided?

What do you do in your spare time?
Waste time on tumblr, draw, making music and planning crazy travel plans that don't usually happen

What's your job or occupation?
I work as an engineer in the design industry ;w;

What do you like about yourself?
I'm pretty good at thinking outside the box!

What do you dislike about yourself?
Sometimes I try to be too objective and end up not actually having opinions. I'm a dreamer and do too much thinking but without actual actions that follow.

What did your friends notice about you when they first met you?
I draw stuff...? I used to have crazy hair but now it's a lot tamer.

What is your belief/religion if you believe in anything at all?
I'm quite agnostic

Do you drink?
Sometimes. I know my limits very well though!

Do you smoke?
Absolutely not.

What are your major fears?
I felt the time was incredibly finite and I have to be doing something all the time otherwise I'm wasting time. I fear that I'll never get that time back again.

Do you have any dreams or goals?
I wanna be an illustrator or storyboard artist and work on something truly memorable.... Maybe at some point start a studio with friends! The rest of my time I wanna do engineering contract work or build cars and airplaneS.. I'm a lot more motivated and work better when I have great teammates.

Have you ever had a crush or an ex?
Yes. Though somehow I haven't really had a crush in a while oh well.

Who's your best buddy?
My roommates! Kiro. Also my friend Crayonchewer is totally bro yo.

What's your favorite dish?
Chirashi Don!

What's your favorite drink?
Iced green tea! I'm a huge sucker for tea.

What's your favorite color?

If you had a super power, what would it be?
Teleportation or being able to transform into different shapes

What's your favorite movie?
Hard to decide but I watched Ratatouille 4 times in the theaters.

What's your least favorite food?
Surprisingly none comes to mind. I will eat anything.

What's the last meal you want before you die?
Probably something really fat I'll die from eating too much.

What do you drive and what would you really like to drive?
A run-of-the-mill Mazda sedan? Someday I'll get a convertible tee hee.

What is your most disliked bug?

What pet peeves do you dislike the most?
Coughing and not covering up. I could slap you.

What do you dislike in life?
Generally I hate it when people act selfishly out of personal greed and abuse the system to make gains.

Get to know me!


26 January 2014 at 10:28:24 MST

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    ouch you had problems with bed bugs before??? Xd

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      Thankfully not. But I almost had then hip on my suitcases before so I'm a bit paranoid. Ha. Other bugs on the list are mosquitoes and flying cockroaches.

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    Dying while eating too much sounds like a pro plan.

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      Haha yeah. it's funny though I have a massive appetite but no matter how much I eat I'm still thin it actually gets a bit frustrating :<

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    kenneth is a cool name B)

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    Omg the coughing and not covering it up, OMG.. yes I scream internally. Also your biggest fears and dreams are spot on to things I think about all the time ;;

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      I feel like starting a studio or team with friends is one of my most important goals yess, I've talked to a couple friends about it before and I'm hoping sometime in the future it could be a real thing. In the near term I really want to start a small magazine thing with friends that we could publish maybe once every quarter at first and see if it works out.

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        That sounds... amazing ;;

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    YES THE COUGHING THING SDFSD I couldn't agree more holy poop. We need to have tea together sometime

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    What do you like to do as far as just hanging out?

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    Not gonna lie for some reason I had it in my head that you were a girl. I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA WHY THAT IS but for some reason I just assumed it? Idk don't mind me I'm dumb.

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      No worries. You're not the first one! A lot of people thought I was a girl too at first. Maybe it's my art style, haha.

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        Could actually be! I can usually get a pretty good feel for someone's gender based on their art. It's not foolproof, though!

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    Aww yeah you and me having teleportation powers