What do you want to see from me? (+Free art chance maybe?) by Machinari

So! Starting a new gallery and a new site gives me lots of cool options. :D So I want to know - what would you like to see from me? On FA I pretty much only posted furry stuff (with the exception of my last few) because I figured that's what people wanted to see, but most of my personal work is human. So, would you guys be interested in seeing any of that?

Beyond that, I'm open to suggestions! Themes? More general-rated art, more adult stuff? If adult, what theme? Species? More reptiles or avians? Less? Ahhh!

OPINIONS! :D Don't say "whatever you want" though. xD I actually want some suggestions.

As a thanks for putting your opinion in the ring here, drop me a reference in the comments and I might draw you a thing! Since uh...there aren't many of you right now, your chances are pretty good, yeah?

Oh, and I'll be home on Monday, so I'll be refilling my gallery then. Prepare yourselves!

What do you want to see from me? (+Free art chance maybe?)


25 January 2014 at 18:50:54 MST

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    I'd be interested in seeing whatever you come up with. I'm a fan of both human and furry stuff alike so I doubt you'd hear me complain, heck, even a mix of the two in some cases!

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    Personally I would love to see more dragons and other reptiles from you but I am biased towards that, as for rating, maybe mature, nudes and the like, adult is fine but sometimes just nudes without adult themes is fun

    And since your offering here are my refs https://www.dropbox.com/sh/np4ljnzle4e2mpi/mo3mdyAJ39

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      Dragons are always awesome. :D And I actually really like doing artistic nudes! They're good practice besides.

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        I like to use them as references when drawing

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    (that is all I ever want)

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      EVEN THOUGH I SUCK AT THEM but i am determined to get better because SNAEKS

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    Muscles and musclegut characters! And I mean big guys like this one. http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10612930/

    I show my ref as an example but you don't have to draw me anything. owo

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    I would love to see some more darker art. Like storms and dark forests and what not. As for like people in that setting they may be sad or hurt or hunting someone of betrayal and darker moods. Oh and it would be neat to see more expression art, like showing different expressions.

    Here 3 different versions of my sona http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12318549/ humanized form, https://www.weasyl.com/character/26454/niku-grahs-empry feral Form, https://www.weasyl.com/character/26457/ & body shape https://www.weasyl.com/submission/351123/my-own-beauty niku Anthro form. I would love to see more art of my humanize form

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    I'm willing to admit bias, more dragons! :D

    Saying that, I've only just come across your gallery here---your art's awesome. :)

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      More dragons! :D I will always draw more dragons. x3 And thanks!