Technology is awesome, until it dies... by whiteicepanther

Hey guys! I'm not dead! Just one of my hard drives is...sort of.
Okay, so I obviously haven't posted any work recently and here's why.

As I mentioned in the end of my last journal, the hard drive in what I used as my work computer is starting to die of old age. It's part of a 7 year old iMac. It's kind of impressive it's lasted this long. I've spent the past week or so debating over what I was going to do about the whole situation. Long story short, I've decided I'm just gonna let that computer go and consolidate everything into one system. It's gonna be way cheaper than replacing the mac and it'll save me from switching between a windows and mac partition all the time on the hard drive (cause I own a windows copy of photoshop but also mac only software like final cut pro 7).

I have a second pc that I bought early this year I use for just gaming, and it is decently strong. So I'm going to spend the money to get it at a slightly stronger and more stable state to handle video editing, animation, and crazy photoshop painting in order to turn it into both a gaming pc and a work pc. (the vid card in it is fine, it's the processor and motherboard that need to be just a bit more beefy)

It's gonna be the most cost effect way for me to get back up and running. Part of why I struggled with this for a week is cause I'm currently between jobs at the moment. Where I live, media/film/video/broadcast/production jobs are bit scarce. Especially during winter when no one in their right mind wants to be filming in subzero temperatures. The other job I work only runs from around end of July to beginning of December. It also doesn't help that my car is currently also down for the count and I don't live walking distance to, well, anything. So I've gotta pay a mechanic to fix the car before I can do any job hunting. When it sometimes turns into a blizzard haha. :D

All that said, once I get it all upgraded, I'm going to make and upload cool new stuff and I'll be posting about commissions. I've been holding off posting about it until I know I could complete them. I do currently have prices listed here on my profile, so if you wanna take a peek at them, let me know what you think. I'm debating about tweaking them again but we'll see. I guess I'm just not completely confident that I've got them set at a decent range. Normally I wouldn't openly ask for opinions on such a thing, but I haven't gotten any commission love on DA in a long time. I figure it's just cause DA is guys probably know, but I still wonder if maybe there's something else to it. So yea, any feedback would be appreciated.

Alright, I'm gonna go drink some hot cocoa now and get warmed up from being out in the ice cold wind.


Technology is awesome, until it dies...


24 January 2014 at 10:55:21 MST

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