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Friends VS Acquaintances by JaciMae

Hello, I'm JaciMae. It's nice to meet your acquaintance.

If you follow me, that's great!
But if you try and friend me here on Weasyl, chances are I will not accept.

Idk how you personally define acquaintance, but here is my definition:

a person with whom one has been in contact but who is not a close friend.

I know nowadays across many social media platforms there is the "friend request" or "friend" button/action.
But the meaning of friend to me is not simply adding a person to my contacts list.
--Don't get me wrong, I'd love more friends! But friendship is something that develops over time, not with the click of a button.
Here is how I define friendship:

a person with whom one knows well, is liked, trusted, and loyal.

There are also many degrees or types of friendship. For example, I have many people I refer to as "artist friends" where we share the same common interest in being artists. We may not be super close, but that is alright because we bond over art at least.
There are also people that no matter what, we cannot be friends. There is no spark or common interest, or our personalities clash. it happens and it's no one's fault.

I've never been one to have many friends, just a handful of close friends, some artist friends and whole lot of acquaintances.
But anyway, I'm friendly and open to meet you!

Friends VS Acquaintances


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    Yay I'm so glad you cross posted this now I can fav it.

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    should just link this to everyone's profiles :V

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    This is perf. Thank you. I couldn't find the (polite) words.
    May I link this?

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      Please do C:

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    Omg this is awesome >< thank you for posting it.

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    Wait..... so we isn't fwends?........ FINE! slams the door and unwatches you
    lol, yeah right. COMPLETELY agree with ya!