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So now that I'm all caught up... by Firehazard

...I'm wondering if I should post any of my non-furry stuff. It's pretty much all fan art and maybe a few of my favorite strips from the webcomic I used to do. No, not that one, the other one. I know that Fiz and co. were all like "Oh this is just an art site it's for everybody despite the name and the mascot and the fact that we only bothered to invite furries to join during the alpha"... but they may have given up on that idea by now, and it looks like nobody's really taken them up on the idea either way.

EDIT: On a related note, how the HECK do I set a featured submission for my home page? I've seen a few people who have one; is that only for premium users or something?

So now that I'm all caught up...


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    There's absolutely no HARM posting any art you like! And, unlike other sites, there's no stigma I've seen, (nor would I want to see one!) I say go for it!

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    Featured submissions seem to be done by making a folder (call it "Featured" or something I guess), then in the "Edit Folder Options" option at the bottom, you select that folder and set it as a featured submission folder (first check box). It will randomly select a picture from this folder to display on your profile page. Hope that helps!

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    Okay so like, I don't know you at all and I happened on this journal by chance. |D Buuut I just wanted to say that I don't see this as a furry-only site at all, even if the name/mascot sound like it and it's pretty furry-heavy after the FA exodus. I think you should post whatever art of yours you want, non-anthro or anthro or whatever! There are quite a few non-anthro-focusing artists on the site (I'm one of them!), and like skylerbunny said there's no stigma against art that isn't ~furry enough~ for some people.