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helpful things for weasyl! by obliviousally

FA Exodus Database for folks who are unable to leave FA for financial reasons.

Simple Ottermatic Follower Transfer - just plug in your FA account name and your Weasyl account name and it'll let you know who's on Weasyl from your +watch lists!

Waxpost (Weasyl Crossposter) - for ease of moving your galleries to Weasyl. This gives you a little icon in your address bar when viewing submissions in your FA gallery and, by hitting it, it'll open up the Weasly submission page with almost everything filled in and ready to submit! You can also use it to crosspost from other art sites to Weasyl.

Other great journals with tips to help generate watchers and activity here on Weasyl:
^^ includes tips on how to make a 'Featured' folder to show your favorite work on your main page.

Other Weasyl miscellaney... - cheatsheet for markdown code, as bbcode is no longer used on Weasyl. This is similar to the code used on Reddit, I believe.

helpful things for weasyl!


20 January 2014 at 11:48:39 MST

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    I've linked this to a few people. for some even on Chrome even Waxpost will crash so if you find others please let us know.

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      I think Waxpost is the only crossposter to Weasyl I know of, since it's a Weasyl-based project. I'll poke around and see if anyone's mentioned it on the forums or to the creator of the extension.

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    Thanks for letting me know about the follower transfer! I was able to fill out a good chunk of my watch list that way. :D