It occored to me by Drac0nis

I never actually introduced myself. I made the short sighted mistake of assuming anyone who followed me would be from FurAffinity.. but I was once myself from DeviantART as well and it was rather silly to make such an assumption.

So who am I? Once I was Draco; I'd rather you call me Mosh or Daud if you can manage.. but I've been known to have pet names given by friends as well.

I'm a former poet, and a traditional artist gone digital because I am prone to err and shakey hands and bad at mixing paint. My specialty is the art of line, both in colorless renderings, and renditions of shape where the lines are merely implied.

I am a PC gamer. I am fond of Dungeons and Dragons and structured roleplay, but have never had enough people to play with. (I grew up on a very lonely street) I like to read even though I am not much of a writer anymore and I enjoy the occasional movie.. especially ones with sold animation.

Being as I am a fringe member of the furry fandom I suppose I should mention... My sexual orientation falls into the gray, generally speaking I'm asexual and have a complete disinterest in pornography or the actions depicted. Though I suppose if I was strongly enough attached on an emotional level I might consider such a thing. I'm a very SFW fellow, and the ugliest of my work will be found in my macabre folder. Even the likes of that will more than likely be gore (which will be flagged considerately with a cation encouraging preview)

..hnngh what else is there to me? Well I ride a motorcycle and I love it! My language is riddled with curse words but dont let me make you feel uncomfortable if I'm crossing a line. Sometimes I tend to drone on which is what it feels like this journal has turned into. I can be a big spazz sometimes, but usually I try to be a calm and approachable voice of reason. When my health is well and my affairs are in order I am happy and eager to check on those around me in order to make sure they too are well. My optimism is a little naive but I honestly think everyone has good in them.

So if you managed to read that huge bout of rubbish than I congratulate you, oh patient follower.

It occored to me


20 January 2014 at 09:42:39 MST

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    Well hey, nice to meet you! Dang, I really need to play "Off."

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      YOU DO NEED TO. It's pretty much great even if I still am not sure about a lot if it.

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    HAH, I can favorite JOURNALS! Very informative. I enjoyed it.

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      you read the whole thing. YOU GET A COOKIE

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    Drac0nis! I didn’t know you’re on Weasyl now this time, I missed having you as my watcher on Deviantart for years! I thought you fell off the earth and hiding away from the internet or under different username for years. Believe it not, I did wonder what happen to you for very long time. I did draw one of your characters before as a gift for you.

    Now, to explain myself better. I used to be Sly-Werewolf, until I changed my username to Antiquity-Varmint on DA, FA (I have to make new account for this site instead), and Weasyl here. I hadn’t play any video games at all for almost five years now.

    I do wish you in good health best as possible.

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      Oi my, I believe I met you during the end of my career on DA.. I remember you well enough though I more or less did fall off the face of the planet once I got employed. And I haven't forgotten the gift you made either of my weasel.

      That seems like such a long time ago now though, I do hope you didn't give up the ghost. I've been too busy to practice art much for a year give or take. Even then it was scarce, but I recall your stuff had a distinct look and feel to it.

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        Yeah, I kind of fall off earth for couple years due to lot of schooling and art college years for four years of not posting any artwork at all. Because I was trying to reinvent myself over, and over again. Because I was too young, still learning and gathering knowledge and having class work experiences to deal with. However I did still check DA from time to time because of the CBFD group club duties. I really did made lot of artwork during those lost four offline years. Now I'm finishing art college in one week and than I'm all done with it for good. Year 2013 is where I started posting new artwork on my DA page very slowly until speed up with posting a bit from time to time. Did Post my furry work on furry sites beginning in the year 2014 under Sly-Wolf/Sly-Werewolf until I have to change the username to Antiquity-Varmint instead. I was able to change it on DA and Weasyl very easy. However, on FA I have to make a new account instead for my new username instead. I now finished moving my old FA gallery to my new FA gallery today, whew. I'm still ongoing as a artist/illustrator making arts for the internet. I have practiced arts in the most oddest ways possible because of the art college strict deadlines and bigger workload. I'm still self taught as ever, even I was learning lot of new things at the art college. I'm happy enough to move on away from the art college now to take a huge breath away from it. I'm kind of flatten to hear that you were hoping that I would make a comeback for on posting more new art/illustrations. Yeah, I try my best to draw what I really do want as a artist and a person in real life. There are lot of old work from four years worth of art college I will be looking at them to pick many for posting them from time to time.