Commissions open again by MLR

After a rather long hiatus on these, I decided to open up art commissions again. Details on pricing and such are on my profile page here, and of course examples of my artwork can be found in the gallery.

I'm limiting it to just one slot at a time because:
a.) I don't expect to get much business
b.) I probably couldn't handle more than that at this time

Anyway, let me know if you're interested, and if not, let your friends who might be interested know about it.

Commissions open again


19 January 2014 at 21:31:21 MST

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    I am interested but not sure whether I'd want a 2 character image or a reference sheet. Been wanting to get a duroc reference sheet for a while now. I have 2 questions. What would the reference sheet consist of? And two, how do you feel about lovey dovey pictures?

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    Oh, my. Thanks for responding.
    1.) Reference sheet is pretty much whatever you need on it, within reason given the price I ask. I know people ask for different things, but it could be three different views of the character (3/4, side, back), sometimes folks want nude vs. clothed, and then like a color palette off to the side, sometimes with closeups of various parts like eyes or hands or whatever if there's something real specific they want future commissioned artists to know. So it'd consist of something along those lines.
    2.) I admit, I've never done lovey-dovey before, so it may take a little longer for me to get it completely right, but I certainly have nothing against attempting it. You know... it's not the kind of thing I would produce on my own, but hey, it's a commission.

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    After sleeping on this, I have another idea. A 3 character commission (non lovey dovey and more humorous) if you are okay with that. I'll email you details. I should still have your address.

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    I know duroc already got the slot, but how are you with bats? I was considering a ref sheet from you.

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      I guess we could find out how I am with bats. I'll get back in touch with you once I'm finished with Duroc's commission.