Ontario, Bags of Milk and more! by Taw

So, for those who don't know, I moved to Ontario a few days ago. Been settling in and getting comfy and switching things over and whatnot. Been quite exhausting so I've been less active the past week or so!

Finally got most of my address stuff switched here, need to swap my phone number, get my tax assessment stuff and important papers, etc. My stuff also shipped out here perfectly fine, which was worrying me a lot!

The one thing I noticed that was a bit odd was the milk here comes in bags, not jugs. Took a while to get used to it, but it's pretty neat!

Going to work hard on my demo reel for the next two weeks, then go apply at some local studios, and if I can't get a job at 'em I'll figure something out~

Also planning on switching my phone to another company - I'll have a smartphone, a Galaxy Nexus or something, unlimited calling long distance, unlimited texts in Canada (no more international texting D:), and unlimited data for $40 a month, no contract. c:

Ontario, Bags of Milk and more!


15 October 2012 at 18:55:43 MDT

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    o_o What phone company is that?

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      I'm planning to swap from Koodo and get Wind. c:

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        Dang, must not be a service we have here. XD

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          When I lived in Interior BC there wasn't Wind so I went with Koodo (and it is /not/ a good service; texts don't send fast or fail a lot even with good signals). Can't wait to get a smartphone, going to wait until I'm working though before I make the switch. Paying $12 more a month + $30 to cancel my phone from Koodo + it's $28 bill when I cancel isn't something nice for someone not working right now. @_@

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    Bags? That's pretty neat. I would figure glass or plastic containers from most places but bags is something I've never heard before.

    Anyways good luck on settling in and landing a job. Moving itself can be a pain. I have to move at the end of the year myself.

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      Thanks! I'm hoping to land a job in a few weeks, working hard to improve my reel. D: I don't know what to model for a low poly and a high poly. ;_;

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        Have you modeled a car yet? ...or maybe something like a weapon.

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          I find cars are modelled quite a bit and I'm trying to find something unique/different to do. :3

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            Yeah. I only suggest it because cars showcase a lot of a modelers capabilities. But so does modeling a specific brand of coffee maker or cell phone. Hmm, well i hope you find that unique something.