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Whoaaaaa by Ryuuie

Weasyl works beautifully on my Nexus 7 2013. Looks awesome too.

I like this! :3



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    Is that a mobile device? But this said I'd heard Weasyl was pretty neat for how it ran on a varietyt of devices :)

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      It's a 7" Android tablet. The layout actually changes depending on how you're holding the device. :)

      If you hold it in portrait mode, it'll act like a giant web app, everything easily accessible for touch.
      If you hold it in landscape mode, it'll look just like the site does on a laptop or desktop and will still work fine with your touchscreen.

      THIS is how Google (and Apple and Microsoft) want the web to to be used on mobile and traditional devices. I wholeheartedly applaud this! :)

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        I very much like how well designed this website is. Not only that, but journals even have their own categories for people who click the "browse" button, which has tons of potential for getting in touch with others and finding out about new users, not just artists. :)

        It's pretty much how I fell on your own journal ^^

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          Oh that is awesome. :D I like that.they show up publicly as it can give you more viewers if you're posting something you want more than just friends to see. That way, you don't have to ask people to share the journal around or repost in their own journal, thus removing a lot of spam. Nice!

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            There's also an option to set up a folder as "featured", so instead of your page showing a large version of whatever happens to be your latest picture, it will instead choose a randomly selected image from that folder.

            So you could basically make a folder called "Featured"/Personal works/etc" and just put all your best art in there and it'll always be something from there that will be displayed on your profile page as a full-sized pic :)

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              See, this is why I need to upload stuff. Since I could upload from my tablet, I could stuff all my art into Google Drive or Dropbox and just upload from that if I got lazy. XD I'm loving this site so far. x3