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info for you! by pac

in an effort to be less lazy, i am going to try and cross-post as much as i can remember to do so. here are things you should know...

old art

i won't be uploading old art. (maybe some, but not a lot) i have like. thousands of uploads over a couple galleries so there's no reason for me to backlog anything. if you want to see where you can find more of my work that might not be posted here, past, present or future, please visit

old commissioned art

if you have commissioned me in the past and want your piece here, let me know. i will add it and send it to your collections.


i don't know what the point of the friends feature, but i will only add you to the friends list if i know you. even then, i can't see any reason i would use the "friends only" feature. what you see is what you get on this gallery pretty much.


if you're already familiar with my art, you know i do a lot of gory, violent art at times. my entries will be tagged and rated appropriately. i do not post porn, please don't expect any.


i'm just going to go on record that i hate the thumbnails on this site. please do not expect me to crop out ANYTHING from my previews as i feel it defeats the purpose of a thumbnail. unhelpful thumbnails are unhelpful, and i hate not knowing what i am clicking on, so i am giving everyone else the courtesy of knowing what they are in for when viewing my gallery. if this bothers you, do not watch this account.


i am open for commissions. please read this page for current commission info. i do not handle commissions through gallery sites or notes. please use the email on that page.


notes are open, but i tend to not pay attention to them or answer them. please do not send commission info through notes, they will be ignored or deleted.

streaming artwork

i do a lot of livestreaming events, including for commissions. at the moment, i do not have a definitive streaming schedule, but tend to hold them mon-fri from 5pm-1130pm central time.

if you have any questions, let me know!

info for you!


18 January 2014 at 15:09:50 MST

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    Bless you UuU

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    I still really love the icon I got from you a while back, wouldn't mind being able to add it to my collection c:

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    WOO! I am excited to see you around here even for now.

    My question is, will you be posting your old comics? I loved reading through them, and it would be really great to have them all up here and in their own folder. If you don't wanna, I understand, I just wanted to ask just in case!

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      probably not, but i'll be sure to post any new comics i might make here in the future

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    Welcome to the Neighborhood! Yeah the Icons blow, but the folders.. OH MY GOOD.. Bliss!