Thank you for the warm welcome! by TheGimpyOpossum

Thank you guys so much!
I see a lot of people followed me from Furaffinity,
but it looks like there are some new followers from here on Weasyl too. ; o ;
I WILL HUG YOU ALL. Seriously, thank you so much!
I hope to have the chance to share and improve alongside everyone here as well. <3


Current commission queue:

  1. 2 Flat CG Commissions for scythe_rontu
  2. 1 Full CG Commission for rani
  3. 1 Full CG Commission for selenium~
  4. 1 Lineart Commission for menoufire

Current custom queue:
1. 8 Mixed Customs for desire.darkly
2. 1 Custom rabBIT for tarucchi

Current trade queue:

  1. 2 Full CG Trades for perikoala

Thank you for the warm welcome!


17 January 2014 at 15:23:58 MST

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    Welcome to the site. Hoping you like it here. I know I am ^^
    Also, I kind of find funny how easy the fact journals can be seen in the "browse submissions" button. It kind of make it easy to find new users for more reasons than just their art.

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      I know! I love the organization here, as well as the community. Definitely just ahhh my adoration for this site already is unbelievable. ; o ;
      Being able to find journals so easily is great, too. It's so helpful for finding people and communicating. >v<

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        Yup, the way journals are handled(almost as submissions of their own) is just great for finding new folks :)
        It's why I try to spread knowledge that, yes, you can actually browse for journals every time I post in a new person's journal. Too many people just seem to be unaware of the fact and simply surprised when they're told ^^;

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          I think the surprise is because most websites don't handle journals in such a fashion. I know most places don't even put any emphasis on them at all. >o<
          Thank you for spreading the word, keep educating us newbies. <3

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    I'll keep trying! ^^
    Seriously, I want this site to grow. I've never seen such a place with such -potential- as -both- an art gallery and social network. It's awesome.