Coming Back by ToffyPaws

So I've realized a lot of people are moving their main galleries back to weasyl in light of the recent FA drama thats going around. Thats a smart move, and I've decided to follow suit in this. Weasyl has such a nice organized layout, and its time for me to use everything this site has to offer for my work. I'll be cleaning out my gallery and adding new stuff soon!

Coming Back


17 January 2014 at 12:47:29 MST

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    Moving from fA is really difficult for me xD And as long as Weasyl have no way to modify or to delete your own comments if you posted something wrongly, I doubt I could use this as an effective "replacement", considering how often I say things I regret 10 seconds after I posted them.

    If fA dies, tho, this is the best bet. I tried, but I can't like Inkbunny (even less considering its "Pedobunny" nickname) and SoFurry is sooo slow at times, even more than fA.

    So I suppose it'll take time, and I'll have fA and here as my main sites.

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      The best thing you can do is just be around. If artists post content here and both watchers and artists are active here, then that opens the door for later stomping FA once there's enough of us to just straight-up drop their site.

      One nice thing about Weasyl is, when something sucks, they actually change it. Eventually. They're actively working on making it better. Unlike FA... it has MANY problems and they've done nothing to fix them in the years I've been around.

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    So I won't go missing out on anything if I don't chase you up on FA too? :P