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I guess since it's been like 2 and a half months I guess I should give another update on the whole donation thing and my financial situation and all that. I'll be brief instead of assailing you all with big paragraphs, and I'll start off by saying once again, THANK YOU for everybody who's donated any amount of money in the past few months, seriously and legitimately, you've been helping to keep me from going insane and bankrupt and I dunno where I'd be right now without your help, I mean that.

Now, lessee, from my last update... well, I got a new hard drive a while ago and I've been on that for a while with no HD issues. I've had a few other issues here and there, computer freezing up once or twice minorly and some general lag issues, probably due to the aging CPU and fan and all that other stuff, but these aren't big emergencies by any means and they'll get remedied when I have actual income.

Car-wise, my old car was sold about a month ago for $300, so that's been sitting in my wallet for the eventual mom's-car's-transmission-fixing payment. We took her car over to a guy to get it fixed, but he said he wouldn't be able to get to it until this month probably. He hasn't gotten to it still at this point (perhaps due to that recent polar thing), so I'm still waiting on that and my car is still being used, hence no job hunting still yet for me. Hopefully this'll get done rather soon...

As for other bills and crap that's happened: my mom's toes' skin got severely injured, leading to infection (very dangerous for a diabetic), leading to a ER visit that amounted to basically just a several-hour-long $600 antibiotic IV drip since she's uninsured. Not sure how that's gonna get paid but I guess we'll see, who knows. Also, the polar vortex caused a pipe under our house to burst, meaning we have no water output anywhere now. Dunno when we're getting that fixed either. And there's probably more minor stuff but bleh, whatever.

I guess that wasn't very brief probably, but whatever. Anyway, y'know, I'm not really gonna directly ask much anymore (unless something REALLY dire comes up or something), but if you wanna pitch in and help me out or whatever, the [url=]PitchIn page[/url] is still active and stuff. Anything helps, but I'm really sick of begging after so long, even if things keep going kinda worse, so yeah.

Anyway, uh, yeah, that's about it I think. Other sites, don't care about dumb things here because too busy caring about dumb things in own real life, etc. etc.

Donation Drive Thinger 4 or whatever


17 January 2014 at 00:22:24 MST

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