Hello! by Mialythila

Hello folks! Mia here, I have heard good things about Weasyl and decided I would like to give 'er a go. I still need to scan some art to post on here but in the meantime you can view some stuff on my oldest online gallery, which is still active here: http://mialythila.deviantart.com/
I got myself a lovely new computer for Christmas so I can post things again YAY! I primarily do traditional art, I dabble with ink, paint and marker. When my computer died, I lost my digital art programs (Photoshop, Corel Painter and SAI), I wanted to try using those programs again... I have a comic on the go, that I still need to do more on it.

I don't consider myself a furry, tho my main critter is a shape changing dragon named Ceres, which you will see more pictures of her here. I am pretty open, you can talk to me about pretty much anything :)

So I hope you will enjoy my art and I hope I will enjoy meeting you folks and seeing other folks' artwork!



15 January 2014 at 23:04:33 MST

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