Joining Team Weasyl by anjel

Congratulations Weasyl. Your site has won my devoted adoration, and hopeful intentions to move the furry community to a better place to share art. I've spent the last two months getting to know the other furry art sites in lieu of FA's constant drama and downtime. At first I really liked Sofurry, but got super annoyed at their refusal to have a 3D art portion of the site, and the moderators spending inordinate amounts of times moving mis-filed photos of art I've done into photos section. Also every tag I would go to put onto the site would be autofilled in with really gross fetish stuff first and foremost (I want to tag "martan" not " male masturbation" or "mutilation". I still want to use Sofurry, but I can't say that it is my favorite anymore.
The other competing site, Inkbunny is kind of gross across the board, both with the owner of the site's transphobia, and the kind of fetishes that site panders to (bestiality and cub porn). I do like a lot of features of Inkbunny, but yeah, not sharing my art on a website that makes me feel like I want to take a shower every time I log in.
And so that brings me to Weasyl. In the beginning of this exploration of furry art sites NOT FA, Weasyl was probably my least favorite and checked. After all this succession of events though, I have really come to adore this site for a lot of reasons, including the fact that I don't know of any ensuing drama or bullshit that the site owners or moderators partake in. So here's to 2014 and the year the furry community finally gets done with FA's bullshit and moves to another website that is worth our time and energies.

Joining Team Weasyl


3 January 2014 at 13:19:39 MST

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