2013 - 2014: Seen a Lot by Mewscaper

I liked 2013. I liked it a lot. A lot had happened, and I had experienced a lot. Good things and bad things alike; and I hold no regrets to what has happened thus far.

I couldn't imagine my current circumstances one year ago, and the sort of change I would undergo over the coming year. Took several bold moves, went out on a limb several times, and went out to partake in what the world has to offer.

All I can really say is -- thank you. :3 To those who have helped give my life direction.

So, what's next?

My resolution for 2014:

no matter what happens,

no matter what new experiences and adventures await,

no matter what previously-unknown emotions and interactions I tangle with,

I will do my best to take it on the chipper side, and put on a positive outlook~

So, do the Mew Year Shuffle, and let's go! :D


Have a good and safe 2014, everyone.

2013 - 2014: Seen a Lot


1 January 2014 at 20:16:25 MST

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    I hope to see alot of you artwork on weasly! <3 this site seems to be doing ok!

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      Thank you! Well, Weasyl's got a ways to go in order to hold its own with the other websites, but I'm feeling fairly optimistic~

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    good good, and im so glad weasly isn't another ...well furaffinity is the best to descirbe it lol its nice, ppl are nice and yeah u get comments! lol

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    Really? well good for you :)