Socalfurs January Events and FC Carpool by socalfurs

Sorry all for the delay! And the poor formatting on this one xD

I'm going to start grabbing the February events after FC and get that posted ahead of time.

Without further ado...

January Events!

Dec 30th, 2013: Bowling Meetup in La Habra

From 5pm till Done

La Habra 300 Bowlmore

370 East Whittier Boulevard

La Habra, CA 90631

4.25 A Game, 4.00 shoe rental.

Fursuit friendly event - Lostwolf Freeman will be bringing an icechest with water and gaterade for fursuiters

Sorry for the short notice, just found out about this a few hours ago

Dec 31/Jan1st: New Years Eve Party/Snow, Lancaster

From 4pm on the 31st for specific info

This is an open-invite event. If you're staying the night, bring your own bedding. Be classy, this is Zentrin's house and minors will be present. No drugs and be smart about booze.

This is a fursuit friendly event!

Saterday, January 11th: The Prancing Skilltaire!

-4pm to 10pm, Socal's monthly party. for location information. Remember not to park along Imperial, the neighbors there get cranky, and let's be good neighbors. Bring snacks and drinks for the party!

(Yes, it is going on! No, it isn't canceled!)

Jan 16th to Jan 20th - Further Confusion in San Jose!

Not a Socalfurs event, but our neighbors up in Northern California! Come join the otter party!

Need a ride to FC, or got room in your car? Post below! (Please use Furaffinity's entry for best communication, Weasyl a second choice). If offering a ride, or asking for one, please post *where you are* or *where you are coming from*.

Sunday, January 26th: Dixon Lake Meet!


1700 La Honda Drive, Escondido, CA 92027

Heres to a New Year and another NCA meet at Dixon lake! So bring any snacks, drinks and outdoor games you would like and I'll be bringing a frisbiee or two. I'm hoping everyone will get to know each other and have fun. Please be advised that like our group there is a strict 18 years and older rule so please do not bring any minors to this or future meets, also try to keep all conduct respectable as this is a public place and we want to reflect the best side of the fandom. Information for the lake can be found on its webpage if you wish to bring your vehicle into the park it is $5 for a day pass however you can avoid parking fees by parking along the road or in the dirt lot outside the entrance. After the park we will be heading to Dairy Queen for tasty noms around 3-4pm :3 If you have any questions please feel free to comment or send me a PM. - Tiberius, NCA Admin/Founder

If anyone knows if Anpu42 or the Lake Murray Furry Outing is going on in January, please let me know! If you have an event going on in January and I don't have it listed, let me know and I'll update!

Socalfurs January Events and FC Carpool


27 December 2013 at 19:17:23 MST

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