Happy Holidays and... first post info and stuff! by ToeClaws

Happy Yule, Christmas, New Year and any other "I got time off work" awesomeness!

In celebration of this holiday season, I present "What if animals were round - Christmas Edition": http://www.wimp.com/roundchristmas/

Heh - search for the rest of those if you've not already seen them.

So Weasyl! I'm going to make this my mirror site for my work, and who knows, maybe one day it'll be the main. I'm hoping during the few days I have off over the holidays that I can at least mirror my gallery here. One thing to note: I don't mark pics or stories as "favourites" - I prefer to be unbiased to the community and have noticed in the past that such things can sometimes hurt people, so I choose neutrality and avoid using that feature.

So feel free to comment, note and whatever here - I check Weasyl daily now as well as FA. Take care all, and have a safe holiday season!

Happy Holidays and... first post info and stuff!


22 December 2013 at 10:23:24 MST

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    "I got my time off from work" Mhm. To me, it's not a holiday if I don't get time off. ^_^

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      Yar - otherwise it's kinda like any other day.

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    Buses aren't running on a normal schedule, so its a good thing I'm off work. But its a half day tomorrow, so I'm planning to go catch Desolation of Smaug, if it plays when I can get there. Otherwise I'm hitting RedBox for a few movies to tide me over.

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      Cool! Yeah, I wanna go see that movie so bad. May not get the chance until after the Christmas holiday rush though. Enjoy the days off! ^_^

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        Ends up the same. Can't see it until Saturday.... *pout*

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          Aww - well, we'll see it eventually - don't worry! Those smexy paws of his will be waiting. :3

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            And the voice. *rumble*

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              Ahh yes, Benedict Cumberbatch has an exceptionally stunning voice, doesn't he?