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Just so that no one is caught off-guard, I have made a change to the kind of art I may post in my galleries, Weasyl included. Read more here: http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/5336450/

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22 December 2013 at 04:03:25 MST

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    Sexuality is simply nature in a way. While I can see your point of not wanting to fit into a click of people. However, I would tease people with the idea that they could only find them on this website. Only because I wanna see this place grow though, heh.

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    Perhaps take your own advice and stay away from it? You seem to have a very well-defined idea of how people should behave about it. If you start posting it, there will be people who do not care, people get sexually interested, and other types. Even if everyone behaves it would be in repression. Something you find creepy might not be creepy to someone else and that might end up making both of you feel offended.

    As far as the drugs and alcohol reference, I think that is a bit off base, personally. Addiction isn't bad in of itself, only bad if it hurts you or someone else. I don't think furry porn really falls under the category of a negative addiction like drugs/alcohol/gambling. If you feel that way, then your brain might be telling you something.

    Anyway, it's your gallery and and your time. I'm not even sure how many people are getting their hopes up about it. Seems like you're making a really big deal out of something that happens on a daily basis. In all honesty, I'm sure you know, you're kind of late on the uptake here. People have their "natural" methods of reacting to adult art, I think. Perhaps instead of posting a very impersonal journal about what you want everyone not to do, you should address the situations as they occur, do not expect a wave of respectable and non-sexual behavior, and avoid categorizing people and their comments as creepy. Remember, this is in full-swing, everywhere else, and most artists either enjoy, or ignore those kinds of comments. Might do well to do the same. After all, you ARE posting adult art which will most likely involve Phantoms flaming cock. Anyone just discovering you may not be interested in reading the TOS about your porn from a dated journal.

    Also I must admit I'm a little offended about your open and outspoken "NOT GAY >=(" stuff. You're straight, I think all your fans know it. Don't post porn of a male character and expect all the horny gay/bi furries not to think about. Lots of straight fictional characters easily become gay in a fandom like this.

    Like I said, and I'm sorry, but if you have so many qualms about this, you may not be ready yet after all.

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      My mature/adult pic stash on FA has been posted on FA a couple of days ago. So far, the feedback has been positive and everyone has been respectful. So for FA, mission accomplished. I'm hoping it carries over to Weasyl where I know fewer people. Yes, I will deal with individual cases on either site as they appear, far and few between as they may be.

      I'm not in the mood to start a debate over this with walls of text. If you are just dying on the inside to leave creepy, perverted comments about my stuff, then maybe I should skip Weasyl altogether. After all, since you call yourself a pervert, if you really think me asking "no creepy comments" is such a reprehensible form of suppression towards you and everyone else, then maybe YOU aren't ready for it? You're getting what you want and that is Phantom porn. My anti-porn friends who are torn by my change of heart aren't even as vocal about it as you. Please chill out dude and respect the fact I paid a lot of money to share this stuff with everyone. :\