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Woofda!, it's been a while since I wrote one of these... by SkiSharp

I suppose I should say what is all going on and stuff and the Crazyness of the Holidays...

Well as of lately i've been working with :iconKhol14: on a weekly project (hopefhully) about a fur named Katherine, a Coyote, and Lauren, a human... I really want to write more but that'd be a spoiler and also be wrong...

Also I a prepping my fursuit to go out and raise money for the Petco Charity tomorrow in Coon Rapids along with many other fursuiters from :iconMNFurs:. In preparing for this I ended getting 2 Santa hats, cutting ear holes in one of them (the other up doing a mini romp around my neighborhood in suit to see what if anything I need to do... In doing this I had 2 people at one house gigle and applaude, a car give a freindly honk at me and another car almost skid into a parked car when they say a 2 leged dog stainding on the sidewalk... needless to say i let that tell me that it was time to come in and get some hot Peppermint Tea... [sips]

[Streches paws out] Well I am off from work or the next week and a half, hopefully get some drawing and a lot of skiing in by the time I am back at the desk being a code ausky...

and with that Happy Holidays

Ausky Aus Tüsche!


Woofda!, it's been a while since I wrote one of these...


20 December 2013 at 22:11:00 MST

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