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~ Ski Sharp ~ also written as Ski# ~

¤ Visual Artist ¤ Cartoonist ¤ Photographer ¤ Fursuiter ¤ Tinkerer ¤

I am a mutt and happy to be an Ausky.

Hello and welcome to my page. I hope you are able to find what you are looking for here.

if you are looking for or like to see a reference to my fursona : link

I am a just a sightly quirky ausky dog, who dwells in Minnesota. I fursuit and can be found at a fair number of MNFurs events. I love to draw though i do a lot of Traditional Graphite, I also love to sit down and draw Digital Paintings. I have been keeping a Dandy & Co. Fan Comic called (canis Acceptius) which can be found here--> link

my other art sites:

DeviantArt: temp01

FurAffinity: SkiSharp

MNFurs: SkiSharp

Fursuit Info:

Current Version made by this hansome canine skisharp skisharp

Fursuing events which I have done:


Last day @ The Minnesota Ren Festival

Trundles Bowling October 2013

Como Zoo Boo Weekend 1

MNFurs Holiday Party 2013

TLC Canine Rescue 21 DEC 2013
Saint Paul Winter Carnival 2014

Future Events:

MNFurs Spring Picnic 2014

Furry Migration 2014

A happy mnfurs

Latest Journal

Life and Content Update

As you may have noticed, I have been not very active as a creator on this site. It’s not that I haven’t been creating; however, I haven’t been feeling the energy to post a lot of them. There have been several reasons for this, chief among these have been: Not having the energy to post to all of my sites (which has been vastly reduced thanks to PostyBird), Not able to come up with a compelling story to accompany the image, and feeling like the image was incomplete/not good enough to post. To add to these reasons, I have been dealing with other personal challenges like: stress from working on the project from Hell, dealing with depression, anxiety and two deaths in the family. All of these have sucked even more of my little personal energy. That all sad, I have been doing better as of late.

With the crazy time we find ourselves in, I’m hoping to make more productive with my time. I’m hoping to kickstart myself into posting and being more active in the community again. This winter I have put together an online shop at and will be opening for commissions. I will be putting together a Terms of Service soon and will be managing my queue and items though Artconomy, but I will also take PayPal payments as well. I will also be going through my files, sketchbooks, and stories and posting my back catalogue hopefully soon as well.

I hope that I will be back and continuing to do well though these ‘interesting’ times.

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