Artists you should check out! by Rico

Making a quick list to plug some artists that have three things: professional when it comes to commissions, good arts, and good communication.

Ratte has some really amazing art. Professional quality stuff! I've commissioned him a few times in the past and everything is just stunning. Great communication as well.

NightlineZ has awesome stuff with lots of affordable options as well! Every time I've commissioned them the turnaround has been less than a week. Great stuff :3

omgpineapples is who I got my fursuit from! They're just awesome to work with. Any time there was even remotely an issue, they'd be in contact with me confirming things and working out details. Every WIP ever was on their twitter and the suit was done amazingly quick - iirc I commissioned it in June and received it within less than three months @_@ The suit is great quality and incredibly comfortable.

Royalty draws some really awesome stuff, especially their reptiles! I've commissioned them twice and both times they stayed in close contact and thins were done surprisingly quick. They have an eye for detail :3

Fatalsyndrome is a friendly dude who has great communication, an awesome style, and affordable art. He runs specials sometimes too so be sure to watch for those :3

there's obviously a lot of other great artists out there but i thought i'd share these~

Artists you should check out!


15 December 2013 at 23:46:48 MST

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    Thanks so much for recommending me! *dies*