Terrible Excuses by sixrabbits

So much eye roll.

I pointed out on a photo of a lovely woman that the clutter in the background is distracting and does not contribute to the piece at all.

Someone else commented "it must be nice to be the only perfect thing in the world"

Wow, asshole.

He then goes on to insult me for explaining how backgrounds should benefit a model.

A second person makes the excuse "that's just your perspective"

Massive eye roll.

I keep trying to explain that photography doesn't just happen, particularly the type of photography we were looking at, and he keeps coming up with the excuse "that's just how you're choosing to see it".

I didn't imagine the garbage or the random bit of door in the frame. Just because I'm not sitting there wanking off to a naked lady, and actually looking at the WHOLE photo, does not make this a problem of my perspective.

I fought a loosing battle of trying to explain how composition works. The response was the same, it's not the photographer's fault for not planning things out, it's my fault for looking at anything else but the woman. Right, it's my fault for LOOKING AT THE PHOTO as a whole and not just one part. It's my fault for seeing these things in the photo, for not saying "boobies!" and being satisfied.

This guy wasn't even the photographer.

Terrible Excuses


13 December 2013 at 14:40:10 MST

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    Eh, some folks just love to troll.

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      some people are just stupid. Particularly when he was all "can't you just enjoy the photo". No I can't, because it's terrible!

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        That too. Some people just don't get that not everyone thinks exactly the same way they do.

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          Some of us cannot be placated just with naked ladies, we demand at least a quality set up! I mean, for real, how hard is it to scoot the dirty laundry out of the shot?

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    I can relate to this.

    I would've done the same and really this is something that you can always possibly expect in response, because people take critics as an offense on their skill when they instead could use it to their advantage and improve on something they like doing. Ugh, some people!

    It's also a reason to why I avoid pointing things out sometimes. Not only because it's polite if it's a commission piece for example, but also because some people are just offended by regular, friendly helpful critics.

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      The guy wasn't even the one who took the photo, so why he was getting his panties in a twist is beyond me.

      Oh gosh, I've seen it so many times. One guy told a person that the really bad quality photo they took of their piece was not doing their work justice and they flipped out like he just told them to quite drawing.

      But hey, I'm always open for some light, friendly critique.

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        Communicating by text can be complicated sometimes, and sometimes some people just want read what they want hear.

        I will try and remember that when I look at your art then! :)

        I like to give critique but sometimes I feel like the person on the other end doesn't get what I'm trying to point out...