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Leaving Weasyl

So I'm abandoning this account. Since I've tried changing my username and Weasyl's staff takes for-freaking-ever to respond to legitimate requests like that, I tried making a new account... but nope, having an email address with is bad apparently, despite the fact that the email address associated with this account is also at I'm just not willing to deal with administrators who aren't on the ball and blacklist email providers that are already associated with existing accounts. I'm also not willing to re-open a new Gmail account just to please these dipshits.

Anyway, because of a similar lack of giving a flying fuck about their users over at Furaffinity, I've left FA as well, so I only have accounts on Inkbunny and Sofurry at the moment. The URL's for both of those sites are:


For gawd's sake, Weasyl, fix your shit already. With FA this kind of nonsense is almost expected, but you? There's no excuse for your attitude, folks.

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    Account is abandoned again after Weasyl's staff refused to acknowledge another username-change request almost a full month after requesting it, and after blacklisting the email provider I'm using, despite the fact that the email address associated with this account is also from that same provider. So, since Weasyl won't get off their butts and fix their shit, I'm out. I'm still on Inkbunny and Sofurry if anyone wants to find me there.

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      And to clarify, I tried to make a new account here after the name change went nowhere fast, and that's when I found out that my email provider is blacklisted. Seriously, folks, I'm not going to make an account with another email provider just so you people can be happy with me. People use email providers you don't like? Too goddamn fucking bad. Deal with it or gtfo.

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    Oh hey, what happened to all your submissions?

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      Well, I had abandoned this account for a few months. Only just started using it again several days ago.

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    Thank you for the follow! :・゚✧:・゚✧❁

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      You're welcome, hon. I'm surprised I wasn't following you here before.