Name: Inanna
Species: Western Dragon

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Lineart: $20.00
Flat Color (with or without background, no shading/highlighting): $25.00
Full Color (with or without background, full shading/highlighting of colored areas): $40.00

I require payment in full before I begin any work, and at present I only accept Paypal. I normally don't offer refunds, but I am willing to consider doing so if I deem the situation in which you ask for one to be appropriate for one.

Items that I won't draw include: circumcision (the operation itself), horse cock, scat, vomit, pee, entrails, or vore. For guro and snuff, I don't depict entrails or organs hanging out of the body

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I Don't Block People For Disagreeing With Me

on 24 September 2017 at 11:20:18 MDT

No matter how many of the people I've blocked over the years try to claim otherwise, I do NOT block people for simply disagreeing with me. I block people for being disrespectful to me or to the people I love.

Please stop insisting that I blocked you because you disagreed with me. I didn't block you because you disagreed. I blocked you because you used that disagreement as an excuse to be a jackass to me. When you decide that winning an argument matters more than acting like a civilized adult human being and that resorting to insults and flat-out lies about me and the things I believe in are valid responses to me having an opinion that differs from your own, you cease to be worth my time. It's not my fault that you decided to become a disrespectful pile of shit to me over a petty disagreement, it is 100% your own fault.

When I ask you for evidence that backs up claims you've made, it's not because I'm hell bent on ruining your day. It's because I want to know if what you're saying is valid or not. And when I add, "don't tell me to Google it" or "it's not my job to prove your point for you," again I'm not being a jerk for saying those things. When you make a claim, the burden of proofs falls upon you, not your opponent. Asking for proof and reminding you that it is not my job to prove your point for you is me being thorough, not me being a jerk. Your utter refusal, on the other hand, to provide evidence, as well as your accusations that I'm just being a jerk after I asked for evidence, is YOU being a jerk.

Finally, if you provide me with evidence and I read the evidence and I find that the evidence contradicts you, I am not "being stubborn" or "delusional." If the evidence contradicts you, the evidence contradicts you. The person who points out that it contradicts you is not being disrespectful to you for pointing that reality out. You throwing a tantrum and resorting to namecalling and inferring that your opponent is a bad person for pointing out the flaws in your thinking, is YOU being disrespectful to them.

So contary to some people's popular beliefs about me, I don't block people for simply disagreeing with me. I block people because they're assholes who would rather disrespect me as a person than act like an adult and treat me like a human being. Disagree with me all you want, but do so respectfully and don't be an ass about it. If you decide that being an ass about it and being disrespectful is the way to go, then you'll be talking to someone else, because I will have blocked you.

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    Oh hey, what happened to all your submissions?

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      Well, I had abandoned this account for a few months. Only just started using it again several days ago.

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      You're welcome, hon. I'm surprised I wasn't following you here before.

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      You are most welcome, and thank you. :)