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Lady Gaga and the Muppets: Fuck you Disney. by Danaume

1st: This wasn't a holiday special. This was Lady Gaga singing her new album, with the two actual holiday songs slipped in as afterthoughts.

2nd: This wasn't a Muppet's special. This was Lady Gaga singing her new album with occasional cameos of the Muppet's.

3rd: Lady Gaga gave a SHIT performance! Sir Elton John, Kermit the Frog, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt all sang in key and she was always asynchronous and out of tune, dragging their performances down.

4th: The only song that didn't have Lady Gaga in it was Miss Piggy's song where the joke is that her background singers overwhelm her song and drown her out. (This, by the way, was also the ONLY part of the special that felt like the Muppet's.)

They should have just put out a Lady Gaga concert and had a commercial for the next Muppet's Movie somewhere in it. It was an hour and a half special, and the Muppet's were in maybe... 10 minutes worth of that? They had Waldorf and Statler at the end of every song, but they were so mild, like they were afraid of upsetting anyone, that it felt wrong. And every time Lady Gaga was along side the Muppet's she talked down to them, and I know she isn't an actress at all, but she never once met the 'eyes' of a Muppet, she just looked around them as though she were heavily drugged. And I know Gaga wears weird things, but come on, wearing a human condom costume while singing with RuPaul?

The last movie was SO good, I was really looking forward to this new 'special', but this... just... fuck you Disney. Fuck you.

Lady Gaga and the Muppets: Fuck you Disney.


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    I really don't like lady gaga, or any new age music for that matter.