Crazy Weekend by NightWolf714

I think I'll use headers this time. I think I'll need them to keep everything straight. TL;DR version at the bottom.

~*~Friday - Art Jam~*~

Friday went well. Got a lot of chores done. So much work done around the house. Norv had worked extra this week so he was able to get off work early and help out some. Got everything on my to-do-list done and then some. We even managed a bit of down time in before dinner.

Dinner we invited a couple of friends over early so we could say happy belated birthday and stuff. Norv made up some Mexican pizza type things. And then soon after, the rest of the art jam people started rolling in. Not much artwork done by myself, but there was a surprising amount by the others. (Lol, art at an art jam, who knew? XD ) It was a ton of fun having everyone over. Only semi-sad part was that people brought so many snacks that we forgot we were going to lay out stuff. Haha, luckily I don't think anyone minded. Stayed up way too late and over all had a blast. Even got to use the art platter my parents gave me for the art jams.

~*~Saturday - Bronies~*~

Saturday came and we were pretty excited. Ran a few errands that morning. Found out the painters were going to come this week and info on how to schedule it. Quick late lunch and then off to Franklin. The Nashville Bronies were having a fundraiser event called "The Running of the Leaves" (based off one of the episodes). I only recently joined their Facebook page, so slightly overwhelming for all the new people. Had to fight a bit of shyness, especially since it was a bit calmer than the art jam the night before. Probably a good thing. But talked to a lot of people and had fun. There were 4 races. Cheered on the first race of solo runners. Also did a bit of "gambling." (The fundraiser part was buying posters or calenders as well as betting on the "horse races" for prizes.) I ended up betting on the second place dude (I think it was) so I got a prize. Won a cute little MLP figure that looked like the filly version of Fluttershy. So cute! Talked with a bunch of people.

Then the second race, the 3-legged race. Norv and I entered it at last minute and oh my gosh that was fun but painful! The rope was a bit tighter than it should have been. There ended up being a clear winner so they let everyone else cut their ropes. Not us though, we were determined for our second place. Luckily, our prompt-too medics checked out ours legs and we were fine. More chit chatting while as they got ready for the third race, a relay between 4 person teams. Couldn't really see it unfortunately. Then another group came up to our group at the tables and we learned the hard way that the area had a last minute booking or something. The people who weren't racing scrambled to gather up everything and take it to a nice grassy area. Then the fourth race, 3 person teams. I joined up with a couple of people at last minute. That was a ton of fun! They covered me in two rolls of toilet paper and then I had to run around a shrub. We got first place!

Then there was a raffle for a bunch of items (also for the charity). Didn't win, but was okay. The person running it let everyone who didn't win something already get a mlp figure. Norv got a Rainbow Dash one. Said that it fit since I got the filly Fluttershy one as they were in school together and Rainbow Dash would protect Fluttershy. Awwww! They're above my desk now. We also bought a calender for next year. By the time the games and stuff were over, we passed on meeting up with them for dinner and headed on home. We were pretty tired by that point. Quick dinner and relaxation before off to bed.

~*~Sunday - Break?~*~

Sunday we were pretty dead from all the excitement. My ankle hurt from the 3-legged race and my legs in general were sore from all the exercise. Sooo out of fit. Ended up taking Saturday mostly easy. My computer forgot how to connect to the internet again so I just stuck with my 3DS for most of the day. Also did a bit of marathoning with Buffy. We gave the show a forever and a day break because the last season or so we watched was horrible. But this season definitely made up for it! Sore and tired, but overall not a bad day.

~*~Monday - No Break~*~

Monday was when things started to go really crazy. Chi (the laptop) was pretty off. Luckily, the new hard drive came in so we got that up. Yay for internet again. Still trying to get all the drivers back installed and have it back to the way it was. That was suppose to be today's plans, but ahh, just keep reading.

Norv ended up working from home today. Morning meeting was cancelled and had a phone meeting with his boss. All good though. He worked from home partly to mess with my computer. More so to replace our water heater. I was suspecting that it wasn't working as well, but it went massively downhill this weekend. So we had that. Thought it would be a 30 minute to an hour job. Yeaaaah. I'm still a bit sore and tired from the weekend. First the water heater we got was too big. Then we find out that the counter doesn't have a lot of clearance so Norv is meddling with it a lot. Takes pretty much all day for it all in all. We were both pretty exhausted by the time it was done between the fiddling with the water heater and all the trips to Home Depot. There were some other minor things too (upset stomach, student loan info in the mail, etc), but those were luckily, well, minor.

But we got it done. Just need to take the old one to recycling. Tomorrow we'll get the rest of my computer up and fixed up. And for now, I'm just relaxing a bit with a cup of hot tea and debating about playing more Nintendogs or Harvest Moon.

On the plus side, the box the water heater came in is just big enough for my pet bed. That, the pillow from the lounger, and my fluffy blanket makes the box a nice safe spot for the time being. No idea how long we'll keep the box, but it makes me happy for now. Even have a make-shift door so I can keep my blankets in there without the cats messing with it.

TL;DR version: Long crazy weekend. Awesome art jam. Brony races on Saturday, lot of fun but super tiring and got sore from it. Sunday tried to relax. Today was a lot of headaches but we have a new water heater and my computer has a new hard drive.

And everything is alright with the world ... for now. XD

Crazy Weekend


23 September 2013 at 20:27:38 MDT

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