Here's a fun fact - artists are not there to be your bitch. by Kraest

They are not there to listen to you talk about your fetishes, they are not there to create art for you unless you pay them to do so* (That little asterisk there holds a major exception - even if you pay an artist to do something, they can still say “I’m not comfortable with that, I won’t do it”), they are not there for YOU. Artists create for themselves.

So when an artist says, “please don’t leave these kinds of comments on my pictures”, why are they a bad person? I was told today that I am “incredibly rude” because I politely asked someone not to leave their foot fetish comments on my pictures.

I don’t have a foot fetish. I find feet to be disgusting. So, when someone leaves a comment about nothing more than the feet of this character I’ve drawn, disregarding the 10+ hours that I put into everything else this piece and focusing solely on the feet, that bothers me.

Usually people are quite accepting to the fact that I do not share their fetish and thus don’t want to hear about it. The general response is nothing more than “okay”, and we move on with our lives. Every other time, with the rare exception like today, there’s no response at all, but I never get another comment from them concerning them projecting their fetish onto this picture I’ve drawn that did not intend to have that fetish in it.

That rare exception of people who get angry at me really confuses me. Why can’t I ask people not to talk to me about things I have no interest in?

I’m also a musician. I write progressive metal music. I can’t stand pop, rap, hip hop, or country. If someone starts talking to me about those genres, it’s perfectly acceptable for me to ask them not to talk to me about it because I just don’t care about it.

Why doesn’t that apply to artists and the subjects they draw? Feet, vore, micro, macro, I just can not give a damn about them and all of them actually greatly disturb me.

What I’m basically saying, or rather, asking here is what the fuck makes you and your fucking fetish so god damned important that people who do not give a shit cannot ask you to shut your fucking face about it?

Here's a fun fact - artists are not there to be your bitch.


20 September 2013 at 17:11:33 MDT

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    Well one thing there will never be a shortage of is people who leave weird/creepy comments. I mainly try to ignore them if they crop up. My suggestion would be to put a disclaimer in the picture description like "Feel free to critique of my work but please keep fetish based comments to yourself". I know a lot of people ignore descriptions, but it may stop some of them.

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      The thing is, I've done that before. I've left comments in the artists comments box, cropped out the feet in my pictures, used watermarks, even gone so far as to intentionally fuck up that section of the drawing. Nothing ever deters people. I honestly don't understand what it is with furries and the idea that everyone wants to know about their fetishes. I don't even care when people share the same fetishes I do, so why should I want to hear about people's fetishes that I don't like?

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    Most importantly, it's your gallery, so you can curate it how you like.

    Secondly, I totally relate to the idea that some fetishes may squick you out. Some fetishes squick me out too! Ack!

    But I feel your expectation of people is a little unreasonable, and thus you may be setting yourself up for frustration. If you're truly confused by those admittedly extreme reactions, then I would argue that you're not seeing clearly how you're affecting other people. I mean, you're basically antagonizing people. Some of them are going to flip out no matter who does that, and by bringing that stimulus to them, you're basically guaranteeing that you'll run into that behavior now and then.

    It doesn't matter that you may feel THEY should expect this kind of thing, and that it's a point of RESPECT for you. That's a perfectly fine way to feel, and you can enforce it to your heart's content. Many people WON'T expect it, and so you'll never be able to predict how they'll react to being called out.

    If you feel the bigger problem is them flipping out about being told to "stop it", then just ignore the comments instead of trying to call them out. If the comments are actually the bigger problem, then... well, the decision is yours.

    After all, you decided to put your work out there. People find your images in a whole number of ways, not always through your main pages and folders. Sometimes through search, sometimes through the grapevine. If you don't keep this in mind while also trying to defend yourself against these rouge comments, you'll probably wind up more stressed about it then you need to.

    Why not just live and let live?

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      I will admit that I can be an asshole at times. I was actually talking to a good friend of mine last night about just that and he told me that I may be an asshole, but people love me for it. He said I'm like the one waitress in the late night restaurant who doesn't give a fuck about anything and speaks her mind everyone calls her "momma". Just, you know, not female. Lol

      Honestly, my problem with feet and foot fetishists is that I'm a self admitted hypochondriac and mild germophobe. I see the feet as the first line of defence against disease. I mean, you drop food on the floor, so you throw it out, right? All the sweat and bacteria on feet really bothers me.

      But, even though I may be an asshole at times, I do try to remain respectful. I said, "Please don't leave any comments about feet on my pictures. You may like feet, and that's fine, but I don't." I feel that that's perfectly reasonable. I have no problem with other people having their own fetishes, but I'm uncomfortable talking to people who share the same fetishes I have.

      I don't see it being entirely unreasonable for me to ask that people not talk to me about these things, and I don't see how that could make me an asshole, especially given the other reasons one could find to label me as such.

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        Hah, your honesty is refreshing. <3

        Hey, it's not like i didn't assume you had good reason for your actions. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, most of the time. I haven't seen you do anything worthy of that titles yet, so I'll take your word for it. ;3 j/k, I truly find it refreshing when people admit that they might come across as something other than how they feel or intend to portray themselves.

        But really, it's not that asking people to not do leave those comments is being unreasonable... It's getting flustered and ranty afterward, when you've basically provoked them. The only unreasonable part is being disappointed when people flip out. It's best if you accept that some people are simply liable to NOT LIKE that.

        That's all I'm trying to point out. Keep it real <3

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    quick question: if someone complements another part of your picture, stating that it was drawn well and that was the thing that caught their eye, does that make it a fetish?

    if I so happen to say to someone "I think you drew these eyes very well, they are sharp and well defined" does that mean I have an eye fetish? or am I just complementing on what stood out to me? is it so hard to just accept a compliment?

    Pushing the whole fetish thing seems like an over reaction to something you really dislike and go to great lengths to avoid that even the slightest mention of it, whether it is a compliment or a not, hits a bad response trigger.

    yes, you have the right to refuse drawing what you don't like. You have the right to not agree or like something. But you shouldn't imply that someone has a fetish, or is sexually interested in your picture solely on them complimenting you on your art skills; unless they literally talk about getting off on it or exclaim what they want to do to it.

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    I decided to un-Ignore you because I feel the need to make myself clear. I was directed to this journal by one of your watchers.

    Addressing these fetish comments.... This.. might be funny to people. I encourage you to show my comment to those who are currently hugging you for support in your time of crisis so that they may make a decision for themselves, rather than blindly listening to another artist who thinks he is god.

    "Nice paws x3"

    I gave you a compliment. It was your choice to decide whether to take it or leave it. Instead you chose to throw it in my face, presuming to know me and what I am "into", and then making blunt-force demands about what I may and may not compliment you on. That is quite rude.

    To clerify: I do not like muscle, I do not like bondage gear, I do not like big cocks (except on certain species), and I do not like facial hair. In short, I did not like much of anything in that picture. I complimented the one thing I did like, and then faved your picture because I felt you did a fantastic job on it. If nothing else, at least he looked cool.

    I do not know you. I have never spoken to you. I have no interest in knowing you, or sucking your cock, or praising you to high heaven because you can make pretty colors on a computer program. I don't make demands of artists and have no interest in commissioning/requesting you. Despite liking nothing else in your picture besides the fact that it was well done, I did not make mention of that because why? Because I don't think you qualify as a bitch of mine. You are just another guy with a big head and a bad attitude.

    The fact that you cannot figure out why what you said was rude, says all kinds of bad things about you. But to quote, in part, what someone has already told you... "One thing there will never be a shortage of" is assholes like you in the world.

    Now I've said my peace, i'm going to back to ignoring you. So please... waste your time on this.

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    Hey, Jespah - I don't expect you to inflate my ego. The fact that you're ignoring me, then unignoring me just to make comments here and there speaks more volumes about you than you could ever imagine. It tells me that you're a tiny, insignificant little pussy who can't handle not having the last word.

    And if you didn't like anything else about that picture, why the fuck would you fave it or comment at all?

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      Hey, look at that, you're the first shit head t o be added to my block list here.

      "Oh, I don't like anything you create, but I'll be a dumb fuck anyway hurrdurr!"

      Yeah, there will never be a shortage of assholes, but the person you're quoting wasn't saying that about me, they were talking about people who leave weird and creepy comments, like the one you left.

      Talk all the shit you want, but you're just another insignificant speck crying out that you've been wronged when it's your own fucking fault.