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Moving and Commissions Open by LenGrey

Ok, so my mate Jespah and I will be moving in one week, well, technically on the 25th to go live with our friends in Delaware. This will be the first time I'm out of state and out on my own, granted with my mate and some friends. So this is exciting and nerve wracking as well lol

Anyways, I can't transfer from my current job to the store out there, because there is no room for me. So I'll be out of a job until I can find an opening at the area I'm going to. So to make up for that I will be re-opening my commissions and taking names down. So if you want commissions just contact me and send some info and I will see about doing them when I can. This laptop is still crappy, but I'm sure I can try and finish something. I can also do story commissions, though I'm probably only really good at doing smut ^^;; I can try to do something more character based if that's desired, but I'm not all too good with stories, though my mate is really good at it and is currently writing a book. But if you want to commission him for a story just send him a PM.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I will be back on weasyl a lot more when I have free time finally, and I will try to get this place moving more! I love this site and I want it to grow, so please help out and support the artists and fans! they all need love ^^

Moving and Commissions Open


17 September 2013 at 21:11:43 MDT

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    you have an amazing style. im sure you get takers to help you out with those orders.

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      sadly, i don't ^^; I always just get the regulars who are in for a cheap quick commission. =/ the only one so far who wants a commission and is really looking forward to it is sisco but he's busy with some personal stuff right now.

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        D: WHAAAT. . . . if i had monies i would throw you some. as of late come to some cash flow problems.

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          that's fine, I hope things work out for you ^^

          but if you ever do want a commission I wouldn't ind drawing your cute character again ^^