Commissions Still Open, Emergency Donation Drive PLEASE READ by QuetzaDrake

Alright, so, first off, I want to remind everyone that I am still open for commissions! Information such as how to get one and how much they cost can be found here: I'd really appreciate if you'd pick one up if you've been wanting one. The waiting list has become comparatively short to what it was when I opened, so please feel free to inquire! I've been using the funds raised each month through them to pay my student loans every month.

Which brings me to my next point, which I didn't really want to do, but...

Well, turns out I have to ask for help again. Like last year, I'm afraid I have to ask for donations again to keep me from financial hardship and debt. I was really hoping to avoid having to do this again, especially after the generosity of those from last time, but... well, I guess it can't be helped now.

Last year, I asked for donations because my mother hadn't had a job for several months and bills were becoming so late that we got an eviction notice and we were both stressed and desperate. Thanks to a bunch of you, though, I was able to avoid debt (turns out, without your help, I'd've had -$500 in my bank account by the end), and for that I am still incredibly grateful, and I had sworn to myself that I wouldn't ask for help again... but...

Well, I guess I'll start that during September last year, my initial car's transmission broke down and it's been sitting outside my house ever since, since it isn't worth paying to fix. For a long time afterward, I simply had no car, and thus couldn't go search for a job. However, at some point around then, my mother finally was able to secure a job, and has been working there since, so money troubles were alleviated for a while. I was finally able to get a car at the end of May this year, and I planned on finally looking for a job after Anthrocon...

...however, after returning from AC, my mother's car unexpectedly started having troubles. They started to add up, until finally her muffler fell off and has been sitting at a client's home since late July. Thus, my mother has had to drive my car to do her job, leaving me without a car again. To add to that, her pay is meager and she's had considerable trouble being able to pay for every bill, meaning I've had to help out again. However, this time I have less funds than I did last year, and all of my money earned through commissions have been going towards my student loan bill. Additionally, there's no real safety net for me this time, meaning if I run out of money, nothing's going to really save me if I just hold out or something. Since all my commission money is going towards one bill, and I have no way to get a job until her own car is repaired, I'm kinda forced into degrading myself again and asking for your assistance.

>>> The PitchIn page is HERE <<<

I'm not really looking for the goal I put in there, although if I reached it that would make me extremely happy. However, all I'm really asking for is the same I asked last time: if you have any spare cash on you, I ask that you consider maybe donating it. It can be as small as a $5 bill, every little bit will help buffer me from emptying my bank account before I can finally go job-searching for real. The above thing I linked works exactly like the ChipIn thing I did last year, ChipIn is just gone now so I'm using this thing that's exactly like it.

However, to bring things full circle, if you'd prefer to instead get something out of a "donation", I'll point you again to my Commissions Guide to look into maybe purchasing a slot and getting a drawing or two from me. Again, I'm very much open and am totally up for working for my money, and while they won't necessarily buffer me from losing funds otherwise, they will help pay for a large monthly bill that otherwise would drain my account very quickly.

So, again, I really hate to ask again after the generosity from last year, and I'm deeply humiliated by this, but I guess my fear of running out of money has finally overtaken my pride. If you can't donate or don't want/can't afford a commission, I guess I can urge you to pass this message around, too, that'll help as well.

Again, I'm really sorry and I feel terrible and I guess I'll just stop talking or else it'll be nothing but beating myself up for the rest of eternity. Thanks for reading/donating/commissioning in advance.

Commissions Still Open, Emergency Donation Drive PLEASE READ


17 September 2013 at 08:22:01 MDT

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