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A New Beginning? by RobVolcanthrope

Well, new as in, actually using this account I've had since 3/23/2015... and no, the date's not a coincidence...

I probably don't need to say much about why I'm going to try this place out, unless you've been living under a rock for the last few days.

Normally I'd purposely wait until 3:23 (AM or PM) to post journals or art (just for the ha ha funny Camerupt Pokedex number memes), but seeing as this is a special occasion... I'll break the pattern.

Anyway, only thing is I don't know what to really do here to kick things off... Obviously posting a picture, but not sure what. I'll figure something out. Can't complain about this site being empty if there's nothing here to see, right?

Also, it just feels... fresh here. Like, it doesn't have that sort of dark aura hanging over it like a certain other site. Maybe it'll make me want to draw more and actually enjoy it, who knows.

A New Beginning?


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    Welcome, welcome! I've likewise made the decision to come back here; it's nice to see new (or returning?) faces here.

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      Yeah, I hope it doesn't end up falling apart like a certain other website.

      Funny that you're a Feraligatr, or at least in your icon anyway... I seem to attract them for some reason (as well as their pre-evolved forms).

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        Yup, (one of) my sona(s) has (for the longest time) been a Feraligatr. And still is, in spite of [vaguely gestures at Switch era Pokémon], but that's probably not worth getting into.

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          Yeah, I've had Rob since late April of 2012, just kept adding on to him and making him basically unrecognizable as just a regular Camerupt. Different forms and variations and all that stuff. As for the games, I never really expected too much once they went 3D, and I got tired of them not having Camerupt in them, and gave up hope.

          And then look who comes back in Scarlet/Violet... probably just to be left out of the next 3 games again.

          I mean, it did take them 18 1/2 years or so to finally make a Camerupt plush, so... yeah, it's definitely not one of the species they care about.

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    Well, welcome. I guess I'm going to try and be more dutiful about updating things here...the situation with the attention economy should be a little better at least with my Twitter account gone (and FA following in the not-too-distant future).