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RobVolcanthrope / 31 / Male / The frozen tundra of Minnesota

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Hey, welcome to my page! As you might have guessed, my name is Rob, and I'm a- no, THE one and only Volcanthrope! Which is... well, basically one of these things, except better in every single way possible!

Thanks to a little incident I had a little over 10 years ago, involving some magical rock I found about 10 years before, I ended up gaining abilities way beyond that of an ordinary (anthro) Camerupt... changing my body shape and form, size, even being able to control volcanoes, manipulate the ground, and other related geological things like geysers, hot springs, etc.

Of course in addition to using those powers for good, like preventing towns from being given a lava bath by the local volcano... I also use them to simply mess around and have fun with my friends, and so that's probably what you'll see here the most.
Since I'm so versatile, there's no telling exactly what you might see, but most of the time it'll be pretty tame, and most often cartoony. Inflation, macro, and vore will be the most "extreme" stuff I'll share, as well as any other things I feel like. Also, don't be too surprised if a lot of it has to do with volcanoes... I can't really get away from them, considering there's always at least one or two of them on my back at all times depending on my current form!

Anyway, I suppose that's a good enough introduction... I'll probably start posting some stuff here since my usual stomping grounds are now on shaky ground! But not because I'm stomping on them...


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Latest Journal

A New Beginning?

Well, new as in, actually using this account I've had since 3/23/2015... and no, the date's not a coincidence...

I probably don't need to say much about why I'm going to try this place out, unless you've been living under a rock for the last few days.

Normally I'd purposely wait until 3:23 (AM or PM) to post journals or art (just for the ha ha funny Camerupt Pokedex number memes), but seeing as this is a special occasion... I'll break the pattern.

Anyway, only thing is I don't know what to really do here to kick things off... Obviously posting a picture, but not sure what. I'll figure something out. Can't complain about this site being empty if there's nothing here to see, right?

Also, it just feels... fresh here. Like, it doesn't have that sort of dark aura hanging over it like a certain other site. Maybe it'll make me want to draw more and actually enjoy it, who knows.

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