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Updates / Conventions, Commissions, Collaterals // by TwilightSaint

Updates / Conventions, Commissions, Collaterals //


-Near-Term Convention Forecast / Includes FurTheMore, Las Vegas Fur Con (LVFC,) and Anthrocon (AC) / More to plan later //
-Available Commissions / I'm not open for big pieces, but if you're into something smaller like a Sketch or Icon, DM me! //
-Fursuiting Projects, Premades / Making a fursuit and working on a bunch of fursuit accessory premades for shipping or convention delivery //

-Near-Term Convention Forecast

At the very least, my next 100% planned cons are...

-FurTheMore 10-12MAR
-LVFC 14-16APR

Per usual, before each convention, I'll be sharing my meme with alllll the info, as well as 'How To Find Me' and 'Good To Know' posters on social media. It'll be pretty standard fare as far as what fursuits I'm bringing, what events I'm hitting up, how to reach me, all that fun stuff.

I'll be sharing my FurTheMore 2023 meme here within the next few days. No at-con-delivery of new Badges. BUT if you Commissioned a Badge prior and would like a hard-copy, and/or are interested in any stickers/merch for at-con-delivery, just drop me a line and/or keep an eye out for that meme for more info!

I do have plenty more cons planned for the rest of the year. But, as of yet, nothing is totally set in stone, so I'll plan another update after AC about the mid-way point of 2023.

-Available Commissions

I've got a handful of pretty huge pieces in my queue rn, as well as a large project I want to finish before FWA. For the foreseeable future, I'll be focusing on those projects and not taking on any large public queues.

However! If you're interested in something smaller, like an Icon of any type, or a Sketch, shoot me a DM! More than likely I can get you in. Smaller pieces are easy for me to work on in between bigger projects when I got windows in my schedule.

I DO PLAN on opening for at-con-delivery Badge Commissions prior to AC, (and other bigger cons I'm planning on later in 2023.) I'll share more info on those openings closer to each vul, of course, but expect announcements on those about 1-2 months prior to the applicable convention.

-Fursuiting Projects, Premades

Lol, I'm making a digitigrade fursuit, no big deal. Not hard and fast, but my personal deadline is by AC. Y'all can watch my WIPs over on Patreon.

I'll also be working on a handful of fursuit accessories for sale, both for shipping and at-con-delivery. My current plan is to get a pile of premades done. Then, if there's any interest, maybe take on some Custom Commissions. I just need to get some more personal projects and experiments knocked out to iron out all the details.

Folks following my AD Twitter and/or Patreon are likely privvy to what I'm referring to.

If it isn't clear by now, I post and share WAY more on Patreon these days than any social media or journal. So if you're down to follow along and know what's goin' on, shit I've got planned, and see more art than just once a week on Fridays, ya know where to point your nose.

Questions, comments, concerns? DM me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Updates / Conventions, Commissions, Collaterals //


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