Why I F**king HATE Furries. by RabbitMaskedMan

Did that title catch your attention?


First thing I feel like I have to mention because this journal may be viewed by people outside my meager list of watchers; I'm a part of the furry "fandom". I have been so for a few years, I don't have a "fursona", though I have seen the appeal. After having been with them for a while, my emotions have often been emotionally conflicting.

My furry experience has had it's ups and its downs, I was never really too attached to the other furs because I feel that my way of getting into the furry fandom was through a different route than many others. It seemed to me that most got into it through Disney, while I mostly got through to it through anime catgirls. The catgirls had cat ears and tails, you see, so it was logical that being covered in fur was the next logical step. It never struck me that this may be odd until it was pointed out to me years later, but by then it was really too late.

This isn't the hate speech that you may have expected is it? To those who have only read the title before making hate comments, my middle finger goes out to YOU.

reason 1:

Yeah YOU, who will scream "Fursecution" in your grating idealistic internet voice. You've been giving us a bad name from the start, screaming your head of at anybody and everybody. You try to grind your victim message into people wherever you think can squeeze it in. Sometimes, you don't even bother trying to squeeze it in where it actually seems appropriate. You force your unwelcome "victim-hood" tale to the point where everyone has lost interest and patience and you sit their and wonder nobody seems to like furries very much.

It's why as a part of the furry fandom, I hate furries. Thanks for that.

reason 2:

There is a sexual side to furry fandom. No sense in denying it, it's clearly there. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with the sexual edge. It comes down to a matter of preference, but nobody can control what turns a person on in the end. If we could, there'd be a lot less sexual frustration in the world wouldn't there?

What bothers me are those who try to deny or downplay the sexual side of the fandom. It can be insultingly patronizing at times when furries deny the entire sexual side of the fandom to an outsider to make it seem cozy, but the sex is clearly there. Just go to furaffinity.net, get an account if you don't have one, go to the settings and remove the mature filters, and tell me there is no sexual side to the furries. DO IT I DARE YOU.

reason 3

The last reason ''I hate furries'' is the most personal to me. A huge overemphasis on overly colorful kawaii cuteness, and overly ambitious species splicing "fursonas". Not many furries are willing to venture outside the color poppy cute rainbows and gunk. Probably because this eye candy is what's popular. I sometimes wonder if most furries care for the potential artistic advantages anthropomorphic art can bring to the table, but mostly I see them mainly faving the smug smiling unnaturally colored OC in a generic sexy pose for the millionth time. Too many times have I seen great fantastic artists fall to the wayside because most furries I see only care for what's super kawaii cute, what's bright and colorful, and what can turn them on the fastest. Artistic integrity doesn't seem to matter as much as they seem to say. Only how sexy or adorable a pic is so they can get their eye candy fix.

And that's what makes me hate furries most of all.

(though this could also be applied to most internet art galleries.)

Why I F**king HATE Furries.


1 September 2013 at 09:11:17 MDT

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    Yes, I agree. These reasons and more are actually part of why I don't bother talking to hardly any other furs. I've found that getting too involved in fandoms will more than likely kill one's interest. It's best to do what you want and if anything, just let people come to you. As lonely as that gets, it cuts out a lot of the drama and bullshit.

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    With the prevalence of censorship came the regular instance of people being most artfully inspired...by their dogs.

    Expect the shallowness.