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BeWhiskered 2021 / Convention Meme // by TwilightSaint

BeWhiskered / 11-13NOV2021 / Durham, NC //

-Basic Convention Info

-Interested in ordering stickers/magnets/pins for AT-CON PICKUP? Check out the Merch Order Form HERE ->

-Where are you staying?
Main hotel - may as well! Closest to all the action AND I’m not rushing to make it to least any more than I would be, lmao.

-What day are you getting there?
Thursday at some point, haha.

-How are you traveling?

-How long are you going?
Thursday evening-nighttime-whenever-ish, then departing Sunday night!

-What is the best way to find you?
Follow the path of destruction and bloodshed…
Just keep an eye out for my fursuits, lol. If I’m not bouncing between multiple dance events, I’ll be perusing the Dealer’s Den or Artist Alley, or just meandering about the common areas, committing grave sin. I’ll be wearing badges for whichever suit I’m in at the time.
If nothing else works and you need to get a hold of me for something, (such as picking up a Badge Commission or a Print,) please note me here or send me a Direct Message on Twitter! ( ) Twitter is the best and quickest way of contact for me as I will receive mobile notifications.

-If I see you, how should I get your attention?
Give me a shout! I’ll answer to Twilight/TwilightSaint and/or the name of the fursuit I’m in at the time. If I seem busy/distracted, you can also get the attention of my handler.
Friendly reminder that I have GOOD HEARING in suit and can hear side comments. What gets me is vision, haha. So if I’m busy interacting with a suiter in front of me, and you’re standing off to the side - I may hear you and be aware of you, but can’t see you. So if you’re trying to talk to me, please get in front of me and give a wave or something so I know you want to interact. Also if I don’t notice you/get distracted/walk away, it’s NOT personal! My handler and/or myself probably didn’t even see you. So again, please be sure to get their or my attention before I scurry off.
Don’t be that guy who is standing off in the corner not even looking at me nor giving any indication you want to interact who then sends me/others angwy owo messages about how pissed you are that you didn’t get a picture with me and how ‘raze/sniper is such an asshole meanine poopoo popufur head’ when I had no way in hell of knowing you wanted a picture. I am not playing these games.

-Personal Info

-What is your gender?
Pissy hissy snake man. If I have to correct one more goddamn person when my pronouns are on every freaking site I’ve been on for yearssssssss I swear to god I’ll eat my hat.

-How tall are you?
Greenwich standard height

-Can I talk to you?
Sure, but I am a silent suiter. Please be respectful of that.
I will only speak in suit if absolutely necessary, and still, I prefer not to hold long conversations while in suit due to it being hard to hear you, and I also don’t want to lose my voice by yelling so that you can hear me. Please do not anticipate me to speak much IF AT ALL while in fursuit, and do not take it personally, as I assure you, it isn’t!
Also weirdly specifically enough. If I HAD spoken to you, then go silent, that’s just me getting back into character and picking up silent suiting again! So if I seem suddenly quiet/cold, again, trust me, it’s NOT personal. I’m just getting back into the insert big dumb animal name here headspace, haha.

-Can I touch you?
ASK before doing so! I happily will give hugs and interact while in fursuit! <3 But please only touch/hug me after you’ve gotten my attention and asked and I’ve said yes! I move a lot and quickly while in suit, so it’s easiest to just get in front of or slightly off to the side of wherever my fursuit snout is pointing as that’s the most likely angle from which I’ll be able to see ya!
Friendly reminder that fursuiting does NOT equal consent. If you touch me without my consent, you will be reported to con security.

-Can I buy you drinks?
Sure! Only if it’s sealed or if I’m present while it’s being served. This also applies to water in the fursuit lounge or backstage at dance auditions/events. (Why??? Because I’ve been at cons before where some asshole decided to sPiKe the goddamn water.) Due to the ongoing health crisis, I will likely be bringing my own water and not partaking in public hydration areas.

-Can I give you food?
Sure, I always appreciate a snack especially after I’ve been fursuiting for a while! (Just protein and/or healthy fats – the more nutritious and less sugar, the better!) But please be sure it is sealed or I’m present while it’s being served. If I’m in fursuit, please keep messy foods away from me! And that goes for almost all other fursuiters, as well.

-Can I give you stuff?
Yeah, if you’d like! I appreciate art and trinkets and the like.

-Can I hug or snuggle with you?
Please ASK before doing so! Hugs in fursuit are fine, yes! Please make sure I’ve seen you, though! While in suit, I may not see you since my peripheral vision is blocked. Just move in front of me and wait for me to acknowledge that I see ya.
If others are currently interacting with me and you would like a hug/photo/also to interact, please be patient! While fully performing in character and interacting with another person, more than likely I simply won’t see you due to my moving around so much and so quickly, and also due to my focus being on the person I’m playing with at the time! If you need my attention, please approach my handler or tap me on the shoulder. Please do not step in and interrupt others, or worse, physically shove them away, ESPECIALLY younger furs and children.
Also please note, if you are hanging onto me or standing up against me and I move to step back, please give me space! This isn’t because you’ve offended me or otherwise, it’s simply because I am VERY HOT and need some space to get air circulating around my body and face while in suit! In cramped quarters next to lots of similarly warm people, the temperature in my fursuit rises very quickly, and the best way for me personally to cool down is to have ample space where I can get airflow around and through my fursuit.

-Are you nice?
If it isn’t obvious by now via my answers to these meme questions… You be nice to me and be respectful, I’ll be nice to you and be respectful. Sounds simple - and spoiler alert, it REALLY is - but you’d be awestruck at how many people screw this simple notion up. Then I have to sound like a meanie poopoo popufur head in my convention memes because too many people have crossed the line too many times. Shaaaaaaame.

-Can I come with you for food/fun/etc?
Nope! Haha. But for real, please be advised that my schedule at conventions is very dynamic and centered around dance events! And while I am fursuiting, I have zero access to my phone and thus messages if you’re trying to reach me. While I sure do my best to meet up with folks, sometimes my schedule is very hectic and plans are made last-minute.
Again, I must reiterate – while in suit, I have ZERO access to my phone! Yes, that means Telegram, Twitter, and any other sort of social media or messages. If you happen to message me while I’m suiting, (which I do A LOT at conventions,) I will not reply because I don’t have my phone on me! I will see it when I get out of suit. Please be patient! :>

-Can I take your picture?
In suit, yes please! I loooove looking through con pictures and videos after conventions – such great memories! If you happen to take any, please link them to me or tag me on social media!




I’m sick and tired of seeing creeper photos of me in either of these spaces pop up, with HEADLESS SUITERS who did NOT give consent to have their photo taken in the background of the photo, clearly visible. Have some respect for once, seriously. If you want a photo with/of me, ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS ASK. I will seriously make sure you get your photo in a good spot, and no, I will not get busy and run off IF YOU ASK ME, I will MAKE THE EFFORT to get you your photo!!! It’s so simple! Please don’t be that guy who turns something really sweet and simple into something seriously creepy and infringing on the respect and privacy of others, for everyone’s sake! It bums me out that this is still an issue after yearssssss of conventions and others and myself repeating this constantly.

ALSO, please post any and all photos of other suiters and myself on!!! It is a fantastic photo hosting site where you can tag fursuiters, events, makers, photographers, and more. No more endless scrolling through Twitter and Instagram trying to find where alllllll those photos from alllllll those cameras and phones went…FurTrack is there to help photographers and fursuiters alike find each other and share great memories!

-Convention Plans

-Are there any panels you might be attending?
I’ll be at Dance Comp Auditions for sure and hopefully Dance Comp Finals! And yay, also the dance battles, heeeeeee! AVADA KA-YEET, BOIS. (Again, I’ll do my best to post online which critter so that folks can keep an eye out!) Also, generally I’ll be roaming about and checking out the Artist Alley, Dealer’s Den, and common areas in fursuit! If any of my friends are hosting a panel, however, I’ll do my best to come and support! (And destroy any props/furniture/infrastructure, create a general distraction, and hopefully bring on the heat death of the universe early.)

-Will you be suiting?
When will I NOT be suiting?! I DUNNO. But yeah, I’ll be suiting almost the entire time. At least all the time on con-space.

-What suit(s) is/are you bringing?
Sniper, the Kestrel Dutch Angel Dragon / Raze, the Dinodog / Kona, the Aussie //

-Do you have an artist table?
Oh hell no. I do my work at home - conventions are my vacation. Bless y’all dealers and artists who DO work cons, phew. I don’t envy y’all’s hours.

-Where will you be most of the time during the day/s?
Running between panels and dance events, and suiting absolutely everywhere! Evenings will be reserved for chilling, chow, and then the raves. I will do my best to put out a report of my intended movements and fursuit I’ll be running around in prior to going full beast mode! This is so folks know which fursuit to keep an eye out for if they’d like a photo or to say hi! I’ll be cross-posting...basically everywhere - Twitter, Instagram, and FaceBook for sure at the VERY least.

-Will you be performing?
Hell yeah, a lot! Other than typical fursuiting absolutely everywhere all the time, (haha,) I’ll be attending the dance-centered events, and the nightly raves as well!

-What/where will you be eating?
Liquid bread? Liquified grapes? Liquified rice?! I can’t say for sure what I’ll be eating, but can confirm I will be *hydrated. ( * - in actuality, very, very dehydrated for various reasons)

-Will you be going to parties?
Nah! Thanks in advance if you invite me, but parties just aren’t my scene! Not into ‘em.

-What's your goal(s) for the con this year?
Have fun with a handful of friends at a small con that I haven’t attended yet! And survive, because, y’know. *gestures vaguely at everything

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

BeWhiskered 2021 / Convention Meme //


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