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New novel being published by MLR

Allow me to stir up the maggots a little on this account and announce, to whomever might be reading, that Fenris Publishing has agreed to publish a short novel of mine. All parties have signed the contract, and the manuscript is with the editor right now for a first pass.

Here's the blurb I used when submitting, which gives a very brief summary of the plot:

"Cricket, a young lizard living alone on the streets of an industrial seaside city, longs to break free of mammalian society and travel the world. When he meets a kind sea-serpent who offers to carry him across the sea, he finally gets his chance.

On the other side, he meets Scorch, a friendly insect (a cricket, in fact) who is drawn to seek a place he sees in a recurring dream. With only Scorch's gut feeling as a guide, the two set out together to find this place, even as everything and everyone around them seems dead-set on keeping them from it."

If that sounds like something you might want to read, then keep an eye on this account for updates, or follow my Twitter account @FrankLeRenard (which I suppose I'll actually have to start using regularly now that I have responsibilities to a third party).

New novel being published


8 July 2021 at 23:37:56 MDT

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    Good luck on the long road to publishing.

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      Thanks. It is a long road, but having a publisher takes so much of the pressure off compared to self-publication.
      It is a small press, though, so if that synopsis sounds interesting, or if you think it sounds interested to people you know, feel free to spread the word. I personally have a very small platform when it comes to advertising.