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Updates / Fursuits Sale / Queue / Cons? // by TwilightSaint

Updates / Fursuits Sale / Queue / Cons? //

-Fursuits for Sale / Raptor Partial / Raptor Fullsuit //
-Queue Updates
-Ref Sheets / 'Pay Over Time' Options //
-RedBubble Shop / New Designs //
-Convention Outlook

-Fursuits for Sale / Raptor Partial / Raptor Fullsuit //

Raptor Fullsuit:

Raptor Partial:

-All sales include character rights & associated artwork/hard copy badges
-Fullsuit fits 5' 8" 175 male
-Higher offers will get you some new artwork/badges or even a ref sheet
-I can ship internationally
-Payment plans are accepted
-Ghosting will not be tolerated

If serious, make an offer and include any questions, and I'll get back to you! Or shoot me a DM on here. HOWEVER filling out a form will send me a notification, so I'll be quicker to reply there.

Low-balling, buyers under 18, ghosting, off-color/harassing/rude comments will not be tolerated.

-Queue Updates

Current clients, y'all know who you are. Big pieces getting chipped away in between tablet testing! I'm still dealing with driver and lag issues, and whether it works or not is very intermittent at this point, so working on art has been very slow.

ALL pieces in my queue though, from big ref sheets to small ones, ARE sketched and ready for the digital treatment! Again, pending tablet issues, they're in various stages of digital progress, haha.

I am aiming on having 3x Ref Sheets done here in the next month or two, and a couple epic scenes done shortly thereafter.

Future opening? I'd actually like to do some badges next queue, with the option of in-person delivery at Megaplex or MFF. HOWEVER, I will not open for badges until my current queue is cleared up.

-RedBubble Shop / Etsy 'Anatomy of a...' Reptile Artwork Collab //

Check out my online shop! It’s all a mix of reptile artwork, (most of which I haven’t posted on here, lol,) masks, fursuit designs, dragons and furries, and all sorts of fun stuff.

If you can think of a great pet reptile and even think of a morph…I probably got it available!

-Coffee cups and travel mugs

I’ve been collaborating with DaSueDragon to make an ‘Anatomy of…’ metal bookmark series! I do the artwork, and DaSueDragon prints it on stunning metal! They’re so shiny and beautiful in person!

-Reference Sheets / 'Pay Over Time' Options //

Looking for a Ref Sheet but want a flexible, easily-organized payment timeline? With my art tiers, there’s plenty of options to pay over time on my Patreon!

I have monthly payment options as low as $10-20 per month all the way up to $50 and $100 – whatever suits your budget and however quickly you want to pay off your Ref Sheet!

Very easy. When you pledge, message me to let me know you want to pay over time for a large piece. I can get you a total quote for the piece. Then each monthly payment, I’ll add your payments to my tracker. And during the whole time, I’m more than happy to hash out details and discuss options!

Not interested in a Ref Sheet but still want monthly art, guaranteed? You can also pledge at various tiers to receive Sketches, Icons, and more!

And…all Patrons at the $10 and above are eligible to receive quarterly merchandise as an added perk. <3

-Convention Outlook

I am fortunately and proudly fully vaccinated at this point. I am planning on - though like most folks, waiting to see if any updates/further guidance comes from the CDC regarding travelling and large gatherings - attending a couple of conventions.

Megaplex this August is a go! Standby for my standard 'convention meme' and 'what suits I'm bringing' announcements closer to that date.

The next con I'm MOST LIKELY attending is MFF. That one is a while from now, and again, just pending further updates whether I'll actually attend - though I am currently planning on it.

Please don't inquire if I'll be attending xzy cons beyond MFF 2021, especially cons into 2022, lol, (yes, people do this.) Tbh I don't even know if I'll be alive by then, so as you can imagine, furry cons are the last things on my priority list.

If I am actually attending a convention, I'll announce it. You don't have to waste time trying to 'figure it out' and asking other people (why would they know my plans?) and sifting through all my posts and parsing every other word and being all sneaky about it. And/or trying to figure out what suits I bring to what cons because I actually...announce that and stuff. It's not even a secret - I literally post that info before every con. Like, y'all, it's just a furry con. Y'all calm down.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? If it's legit, you'll DM me!

Two-Block, FOXTROT!


Updates / Fursuits Sale / Queue / Cons? //