burnout by dudewithgames

god i really don't feel good as i'm typing this out...it's looking like i'm failing my college semester again as...i'm 2 classes away from graudating with a bachlors.
if i was honest...

my time management sucks
my piorities...probably needs adjusting

as i put myself on this...vicious loop of
go to work, go home, too tired to do anything else, waste time on myself and probably other dumb things. go to bed
wake up late, go to work, become frustrated with work, become frustrated with school, get nothing done because i get overwhelmed

i want to stop making excuses...i really do...what i'm doing is bullshit and i should just get it done
70k in debt is not fun...being at my job is starting to wear thin...

do i really need someone to whip me in shape? or am i just stabbing myself over and over again?

...why am i like this
i wish i wasn't like this...


one step at a time...nobody's perfect...

it's just...trying to find that step out of the rut...

i'm sorry if i haven't been posting anything as of late...i hope to get back to art at some point once my semester ends...



22 February 2021 at 16:31:01 MST

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