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Patreon Guaranteed Monthly Artwork Tiers / Merch Options! // by TwilightSaint

*Update / 12JAN2021 //
-Patreon Guaranteed Monthly Artwork / Merch Added! //
-Upcoming Commission Openings

-Patreon Guaranteed Monthly Artwork / Merch Added! //

If you are looking for artwork that is /guaranteed/ to you every single month, regardless of when I’m open for Commissions, I have a WIDE variety of Patreon tiers that you can pick and choose from!

Options range from a Sketched Bust every other or once a month, to four different art options at the $40 tier, to experimental pieces, to even higher amounts for more complex pieces that you CAN credit toward Epic Scenes, Reference Sheets, and…basically anything you want!

And if guaranteed artwork every month isn’t enough – every single tier from $10 an upward gets you merch! Patron merch includes stickers and artwork that is Patreon-exclusive and early-access.

If you’re interested in even more merch options, I’ve also set up two exclusive merch-focused tiers where you’ll be mailed some rad items (postage included – yep, even internationally!) every three months for an entire year! Designs will be updated at least annually, and definitely seasonally – meaning you won’t get duplicate items the longer you pledge, and items will be fresh and new.

And hey, if you’re still interested in lots of behind-the-scenes content, early-access fursuit videos, full-res artwork, and actual…artist comments on my artwork, (that you’ve probably noticed I don’t bother including when I post on my main art hosting sites,) WIPs, and early grabs for regular Commission slots and even YCH Sketches…phew, that’s a lot. I DO have other tiers that include all that!

Like a lot of creators, I’ll emphasize too – that any amount of support, from $1 to $10 to $100 means an incredible amount to me and I really appreciate all my Patrons. And I’ve shared with my Patrons, too, that, like, the support is really, actually helpful. I think a lot of people just look at me and assume, sadly, ‘Ugh, there goes TWS off to buy another fursuit,’ which in reality, almost every single dollar from my Patreon goes to food, treats, supplies, and upgrading housing for my reptiles. So it’s not only a huge thanks from me for all the support, but it’s many more ‘thank yous!’ from my reptile family!

But anyway – I’m sure y’all are sick of me talking about Patreon. So I’ll shut up about that. In fact, I’m even more sure that y’all are sick of me talking in general. So I’ll keep this short.

-Commission Openings

All folks from the Winter 2020-21 Sketched Bust queue have been sent your pieces! Clients received links to their individual pieces via link on their preferred contact platform. I’ve compiled the Busts into groups of five, and will post those little ‘collages’ in the future. As always, clients are free to share their piece at their leisure.

Commissions-wise, I don’t have toooooo many plans set in stone. I have several large YCH Sketches that Patrons snagged, (thanks guys!) that I’ll be working on in the near future. After that, I do plan on opening for Icons! Just seeing as it’s been…quite a while since I’ve done a large Icon opening. I planned to hold one over the winter, but I opened for Sketched Busts instead – which were a blast?!?!?! And I definitely want to offer those again and also explore other ‘sketch’ options, (Flat-Colored Sketched Busts, Waist-Up Sketches, so on and so forth.)

I’ve already had a couple folks inquire about getting their Sketched Busts upgraded to colored pieces – so y’all sit tight as I iron out those details then get it to ya! And I’ll include that info in future openings as options as well.

Stay safe, everyone. Wear a d@mn mask. Wash your nasty paws. Take your vitamins. Drink water and stuff.

Questions, comments, concerns? If it’s legit, you’ll note me. ;)

Two-Block, FOXTROT!

Patreon Guaranteed Monthly Artwork Tiers / Merch Options! //


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