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Quick thoughts and future ideas by LostPlatformer

I've over the last few days began to wonder more on the topic of mechanical and clothing advancement ideas if I was going to design a suit, or at least individual items. What brought on this thinking is the many problems I have heard with the wearing of attire, mainly items such as the field of vision (Heads) OR cooling came into common chatter. I myself have been pondering on how to solve these issues when I begin my transversal into the crafted arts by applying my keen eye for research I have come to adopt over recent years. It's also exciting on my part and it is this that has gotten my flare back again to design and maybe create many ideas.

Since it's announcement a while back, Googles wearable Hud, Codename Glass hasn't been thought of as I have seen as a method of getting around a fursuits field of vision. The device allows to see images on screen with it's clear flexible display. This comes as a thought as dev kits could allow the screen to be connected to a external display, thus connecting a small camera to the head could give the wearer a clear wide vision without any bulk being added to the person that would normally cause discomfort, not to forget the heat. This was more of a thought as I don't exactly know how the kits would be with freedom with development.

Other additional ideas I have during the writing of this journal I believe need more thought as I'm already finding flaws that would be much more than visual. I would like to write about them in other journals along with information of what I would be doing at the time.

I'm at the moment developing a character to identify art I would be uploading in the coming months. It's really exciting and more than likely the final design wouldn't be done until next month ready for next year.

Quick thoughts and future ideas


4 August 2013 at 11:48:46 MDT

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