Summer musings by Skogskisse

Edit: The game is out! Take a look if you feel like it (and know that we're making more stuff).

Hoo boy, I aced my second year of university. This year was even harder than the first, which was pretty tough by itself. Hopefully this won't be a repeating pattern. Either way, two years down, one year to go.

In other news, and most importantly, a game my gamedev group has been working on will be released on Itch in two days (and it's free too)! It's a combined rhythm and RPG game with violin playing, a space train and talking cats. We've been working hard to get it finished so I hope people will get some enjoyment out of it. I'll be updating this journal with a link once the game releases!

I'm also taking a summer course right now where I'm illustrating for a board game about Swedish folklore. It'll be released sometime next year, I think, so keep an eye out for that if you speak Swedish. This project requires tons of artwork since I'm illustrating everything myself but it is also fun, so I'm gladly chipping away at the workload bit by bit. Inbetween all these things I try to make time for ice cream.

Summer musings


15 June 2020 at 13:05:07 MDT

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