Kickstarter Coming Soon! by KiRAWRa

Just in case you haven't caught my latest gallery submissions, here's a journal to let you know that I'll be launching my very first Kickstarter in a couple days! :0
Do you remember [these little pun rats]?

I received many suggestions to turn them into enamel pins, and I'm super excited (and nervous) to announce that's exactly what I'll be doing!
A [few more ratties] heard about it, and wanted to join in, too.

All 9 designs, PLUS my popular [Yin Yang Rats] and a brand new [Heart Rat] design will be part of the project as well!

If that isn't enough, this adorable [washi tape] and [exclusive buttons] can be added-on to any pledge.

I've been slowly revealing items each day this past week, and that isn't even all!
If you want to be notified right when my project launches, just click the button on my pre-launch page at []!
Please, please feel free to let your friends and followers know, too! This project means a lot to me and it's success really hinges on getting the word out there ♥

Kickstarter Coming Soon!


21 March 2020 at 00:25:37 MDT

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