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My Revamped Trip Plans by ilbv

A few days ago I let you guys know about my botched travel arrangements, and I needed those couple days to sort myself out and make new plans.

I decided I am not going to let what happened ruin my chance for a good time, and while it wasn't as intended, I am now going to have over a week of relaxation and exploring. I'll still be going to London as intended but only for a couple days again, and instead spend most of my time in a whole new country and place! I'm going to go to Norway!
A friend is hosting me in his hometown and I can finally cook actual bacon for the creator of Emerson!
I am also interested in checking out the fjords! I think it will be a really neat time and I am super excited for the chance to enjoy my trip with a great friend.

I leave in 10 days, and will be sure to request again that all the flying guys keep an eye out for my planes and help me get safe in spirit to my destinations and home again.

My Revamped Trip Plans


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