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Commissions Open~ by Zaezar

Starting this week I should be back on a more once-a-week commission schedule. Woop! If you want to see prices you can go to the link below. There's an example of each but you can also check out my gallery to get more examples~

As well I'm doing an experimental extra option this week. I want to test the waters a bit with opening charcoal-pencil arts. I really really like this brush but I feel like I should mess with it more. They're more loosey-goosey then my normal works but it has a charm to it that I enjoy. If you want a colored, shaded headshot in this style then you can get one for only $40!

Examples: (The snake is a halfbody, but you get the style ideas through these at least~)

Opening 5 slots! If I get a particularly large piece then I might limit the slots slightly, just as a heads up. Comment below or note me if you want to claim a spot

1: SaichaVee on Furaffinity - Character Study ~paid~

2: Starknights on Furaffinity - 2 character halfbody colored sketch ~paid~

3: SheWarrior45 on FA - Character Reference ~paid~

4: GopherMeeps on FA - Charcoal Art ~paid~


Commissions Open~


6 March 2020 at 10:39:33 MST

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