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Good news! :D by Hazel3

I got some good news! Well.. for me at least :3 And some updates and stuff I'd like to chat about!
I recently visited my new home on February 26th and I love it! I should be getting my own house pretty soon! ^w^ I'm so excited! cos I'll be able to do so much more! >w< The countryside is peaceful and all but it's a bit too peaceful.. I think I rather visit the countryside than live there cos I get bored.. But at least I'll be moving to a town soon! :D This is so exciting! (≧◡≦)/) ~☆
Also my fursuit's like halfway done! I only need to add a little more to the head and she'll be ready to wear! :D Still gotta work on the rest of it ofcourse, like the paws and tail. But I can't wait to go fursuiting! I'll most likely be making videos and trying out furry cons 'n' stuff :3
Also my fursona's ref seems to be taking longer than usual but hey I'm almost there :3
Oh and I'm really happy that spring is finally here! I was getting sick of winter.. but now that spring is here, I can finally go out and enjoy the warm weather! Oh! and the daffodils and all the other flowers will be out too! Gotta love sniffing all the flowers ^-^ I love spring but most of all.. I love summer best! I'm not really much of a winter's person as I dislike all the coldness, rain, wind, snow, hailstones, etc. I rather have warm sunshine or warm starry nights, cos it encourages me to go out and play :>

No hate comments, please be nice! If you're gonna be mean, don't say anything at all.
Thanks for reading! ^w^

Good news! :D