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So the thing I want to work on this year that I hope will lead to an increase in upload frequency is project focus. This will be tricky, considering how often I try to wedge in a new hobby. I got a new sewing machine last week, and two days ago my mom showed me how to use it. I'm going to make my fursuit, and perhaps even make fursuit building a regular thing.

Now, at the moment, I am finishing up a project that I started at the end of 2016. You see, as a subscriber gimmick, I was going to try to reel in a bigger audience by writing some of my subscribers' characters into the plot of this semi-autobiographical (then-)garbage that I'm kind of ashamed of and am giving a huge retool. I did not factor in that, 1. I did not have a reliable drafting technique, I just wrote straight through, and 2. The way they would want their characters portrayed was incompatible with the story I wanted to tell.

I won't be posting these stories themselves, as I don't know what kind of reaction that my stories will inspire. Since I'm doing this for free, I won't be doing any more than one draft. I definitely should use more discernment when offering free things. I hope that I will have these stories completed by the middle of March. I've settled on a technique that should get these stories done as soon as possible. After I'm done there, I will alternate between NoSleep horror stories and some stuff I started in high school. These I will post.

My art project of the month is a series of drawings for my brother involving his personal 2019 hilights. These I will definitely post as a testament to one of my favorite art styles, a mixture of early 50's peanuts and SNES-era video game sprites. It's pretty hard to identify real life people from a drawing of such stylization. The one thing I won't be posting will be realistic drawings of children I know personally.

Now, I'm also doing music projects, both covers of songs I love personally (some of them from Wee Sing, so... not sure how much interest those will draw, but still doing them) and original work. The original work are mostly image songs related to characters from an upcoming series of novels, namely An Arizona Fairy Tail. I'm less attuned to the mechanics of melody writing, but I have had a lot of practice lately, and I'm loving the results.

Right now... I'm not so concerned about building a following as I am breaking this habit of starting stuff I never finish. Much of the old stuff will look like my 2008-style work, but I'll still post it, and juggle it with my current, more refined work.

2020 Projects


21 February 2020 at 11:01:27 MST

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